8 Best Media Player Apps for Android You Need to Try in 2020

best-media-players-for android

Media Player is a type of software which is used for play videos and sounds. But there are hundred’s of media player applications available. So, today we’ll let you know some best media player which is available in Play Store. Let’s start it:-

Best Media Players For Android :-

1. MX Player

mx player

MX player is like a DIAMOND of Android in media player category, because it packs a ton of features for free and you can control it very easily. One of the best feature of this media player is that it can play almost any media format be it MPEG-4 or WebM video formats just name it and MX Player can play it without a sang. It is widely supported by almost all Android Versions. You can also control the video’s display ratio in this media player.

Apart from it, you can stream many other programmes, movies, listening to music etc. via the internet. It is one of the most used OTT platform in India. You can also control the brightness and volume of your mobile during watching the video, just scroll up in left side for brightness and scroll up in right side for increasing volume. And the best part of it that this is free for all but its only drawback is its annoying Ads that pops up every time you pause a video or play something new in the free version you continuously face ads showing in MX player interface, but you can remove ads by purchasing their paid version which you can buy for just 370 Rupees or 5$ (Its Lifetime).

Features Of Mx Player ;-

  1. Great playback features.
  2. Support for In-app subtitles. (Powered By Opensub).
  3. Audio boost. (Boosts your audio upto 200%).
  4. Streaming online videos. (Just copy then link and start streaming).
  5. Swipe gestures. (Very efficient and easy to use).

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media player developed by VideoLAN.ORG is well known for best Windows PC’s media player. In PC’s world no one is better than this media player, and now you can also use it in your smartphone. The great feature of this media player is that it can play all types of video’s format just like MXplayer. This is not only a video player, this is also a music player with better sound quality. Another feature of this is that you will view your video in a small window during using another app, Convenient Right?.

Features Of VLC :-

  1. Fast – Hardware Decoding.
  2. Plays all formats. For Eg – MPEG-1/2, DivX®,MPEG Layer 1/2, MP3 – MPEG Layer 3, AAC – MPEG-4 part3 and many more.
  3. Advanced control.
  4. PS its every windows user main videos player. We simply ❤️ It.

3. FIPE Media Player

fipe player

If you love matching movies and videos in High and Ultra quality this app is just right for you FIPE Player is well known for playing videos of high quality like 1080p, 4K and 8k without any problem (4k &8K if your device supports that resolution). FIPE media player supports all type of video’s format just like other in our list and one feature that we personally liked about this app is that this media player can hide your personal videos which is convenient is you have something to hide 😉😉 . You can play your video in a floating screen while using other apps. FIPE’s interface us simple and you’ll easily get a hang of it once you start using it.

Features Of FIPE Player :-

  1. Secret Folder. (Hide Videos).
  2. Mirror Mode (Reverse Picture On your Device).
  3. High-quality network streaming playback (Full HD, Ultra HD 4k).
  4. Multitasking pop-up player.

4. BSplayer

bsplayer techbhay

BSplayer is a free application for a media player. One of the best features of this media player is that it doesn’t not consume your battery in huge amount but help to reduce battery usage. BSplayer support multi video’s format. BSplayer’s interface is simple and you can customize the interface of this media player according to yourself. Only cons of this free app is that it contain ads.

5. PlayerXtreme Media Player

playerxtreme application

PlayerXtreme media player direct plays your video without converting it. This media player provides customization of subtitle like resize it. This media player gives a beautiful format to view your video’s list. You can also play your video in “pop out” viewer. You can easily change audio while playing video or streaming. You can manage the display size of your video. This media player supports various types of popular formats of video.

6. Xplayer


Xplayer supports all types of video formats. You can easily manage and share your videos. You can safe your video with the help of private folder.You can easily control brightness and. volume of your videos.You can download subtittle for your videos. Xplayer provide hardware acceleration. This media player is free, so you can use it easily.

7. KMplayer


KMplayer is also a good choice in free media player. You can change brightness, contrast, hue, saturation etc. of your video. You can invert your video easily. Also manage the subtitles of your video and customize it. You can search for any videos and music in the search bar available in this media player. Just like other media players, in this, you also play your video “Popup Screen” screen while using other apps. KMPlayer supports various types of video’s format. You can easily learn how to use KMplayer. There is a quick button available by which you can select and specify options with one click. So, you can try it.

8.Vid mate

vidmate video downloader

Vidmate is also very popular among Android users because this media player is basically used for download videos which is available in any platforms. This media player is more useful of Meme’s community. There are lots of features available in this media player. Just like other media players, this media the player is also provided with the same features like- you can manage the display ratio of video according to yourself, control brightness and volume easily, the floating screen is also available, download any types of videos features is also available. But the cons of this media player is that the app might contain some Mature content which might be inappropriate for kids which is not good for parents. But apart from that its an amazing player for videos so go ahead and at least try it once because it completely free.

Features Of Vidmate :-

  1. Best Video Downloader (Download any video be it Instagram, Youtube or Tiktok).
  2. Supports more than 1000+ websites.
  3. Status Saver (Save WhatsApp status).
  4. Faster Downloads.


In this article, we talk about 8 best media players which are available in the apps store. You can try any of them because all are best in at own way.