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Top Online Dating Apps Like Tinder for India

People of this era are becoming fascinating about Online dating App. It is on hype these days especially when the pandemic is striking our day to day lives. Everybody is now remotely engaging whether it’s related to work, school, or dating online. To pass the time most of the adults try out to Netflix and chill. It is always said that a pair works more stagnant rather than a single individual. Be that as it may, a lone survivor never stands that last. People that don’t even often engage with other individuals tend to have mental disorders like panic attacks, anxiety issues, etc.

This is when Online Dating Apps come into action to cheer you up. No matter what the situation is whether it’s pandemic or lockdown, you may still make new friends, fall in love with them, as and when desired.!

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One such app is Tinder which is very much popular in youngsters in the whole wide world. Tinder is hands- down the Ultimate Dating App to date which nearly made a ton of couples out there in no time just by swiping right and boom. However, tinder is not the only app when it comes to online dating, to be honest.

Top Online Dating Apps Like Tinder For India

There are Top Dating Apps Like Tinder For India when it comes to date a person online but without Facebook signup like tinder. They are as follows:


Bumble is like the most popular and best dating app in India after tinder that is being operated by a huge number of persons who fascinate about dating online.

It is unique and is different from other dating platforms as once you make your profile and is matched with a different gender online i.e. woman, it allows you to create a new way of flouting the stereotype by letting women only make the first conversation started. All the profiles appear to be Sincere as compared to other online dating apps.

In the context of a same-gender match, there is no such rule. Any person can start the conversations after being matched. It is a safe app in terms of security.


It is also the one of the best dating app like tinder in India that puts women first to break the stereotype. Just like bumble it follows the same hierarchy and helps you find the right soulmate as per your desire.

Without sharing any contact details you may directly call the other person by the inbuilt calling feature offered by Woo. To meet the terms of security and comfortability it allows women to throw the dice first. Every detail remains confidential until the user itself feels to reveal. 


Happn is versatile and is no doubt Good Dating apps like Tinder for India that creates virtual dating an all the more ongoing experience. It uses an irreplaceable match-making procedure.

Happn(Apps Like Tinder for India)

For instance, when you create an account on Happn and become a user it allows you to stay connected all the time with all the other Happn users who are nearby. When you cross path with other users and like the profile of each other’s it allows you to get a match as and when liked. It is the best app due to its unique algorithm as when you pass your ways with others and if you like them out of curiosity just open the app and see if it’s a crush.

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Ok Cupid

OkCupid is renowned for its simple user interface that allows you to build your profile according to your interests. It is also dating apps like Tinder for India that allows you to find your loved ones why social networking.


You just have to create an account and while making a match with someone you both have to answer some questions to show your compatibility score. Once the score is met both the user then goes ahead to date via virtually or by any means necessary.

Coffee meets Bagel

Unlike other dating apps, Coffee meets Bagel offers you suggestions for a 24 hrs. to remain user friendly. It is one of the Best Dating App For Indian’s as it shows a bulk of profiles as per your desire so that you don’t waste time scrolling multiple profiles a day. Once you start liking profile after the account is being created the app automatically takes note of your type and start suggesting as per your taste.

Coffee meets Bagel(Apps Like Tinder for India)

Again it is just like bumble empowering women by giving them more choices than men. Only women are allowed to create a match by liking back, men can only like or dislike the profiles. No random burglars can try to harass you in any manner as only the profile you have liked can message you.


Hinge Could be New Tinder for India that allows you to date someone whom you don’t even have the nerve to visit and talk directly. Just like other dating apps, it boosts up your morale when it comes to online dating just by starting a conversation if you get liked.

if not then it’s not a big deal as there are tons of ladies out there whom you can date. For signup, it uses your Facebook account and when a profile gets created it asks for your pictures and some questions and after all, this gets accomplished, suggestions are being given to you as per your timeline. Be that as it may, a suggestion may differ according to your Facebook friends of friends to even random persons in the app itself as per timeline content and interests. The app also takes a follow up with you regarding feedback for future purposes.

Truly madly

TrulyMadly is another yet famous online dating app like tinder for India utilized that pays serious attention to profile confirmation and verification. Before making a profile live, to some degree requests for personality evidence reports. It has a severe check process that guarantees nobody assembles a phony profile on the TrulyMadly.

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It additionally shows believes score dependent on the things you have confirmed, the more you get it, the more your profile becomes confined as a matter of fact. On the off chance that the other individual likes you back then you may start dating. In this way, this is additionally a trusted application ye there is no way of coordinating with a phony profile.


Aisle is also another best online dating app like tinder for India that allows you to date, different people, not only within India but also all around the world. No matter what the location is or how long you live or no matter what border you may belong to. Just download aisle and create an account and start surfing different profiles as per your desire and date them.

Aisle(Apps Like Tinder for India)

It is a new app and is more known for genuine dating and not hookups. Be that as it may, you may find your soulmate through different borders only if you are both ready to take it slow by maintaining a long-distance relationship if matched. It asks for your Facebook or LinkedIn profile for sign up purposes and asks a ton of questions for verification purposes. Once everything is in the order you may start liking profiles and once matched go ahead and make a lifetime opportunity out of it.


Badoo is extraordinary compared to other apps like tinder for India that permits you to date somebody whom you don’t have the nerve to visit and talk legitimately. Unlike other online dating applications.


It has more than 450 million users worldwide and supports up each and everyone’s spirit with regards to online dating by making a note of your interests and then finds suggestions accordingly. For information exchange, it utilizes you mails or social media account, and when a profile gets made it requests your photos and a few inquiries, and after this gets cultivated, recommendations are being given to you according to your course of events. Nevertheless, a recommendation may contrast by clicking to near me options according to your locations. The application additionally offers video chat options.

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It cannot be called a typical online dating app but you may utilize it as one, as it offers users to chat with different people online and make friends. You may chat and make friends from worldwide locations.


It is a nice substitute for apps like tinder for India as it is claimed by the company itself to have more than 80 billion matches all around the world. It also has an option to overcome the barriers of language problems while video chatting by providing real-time translations.


It is a nice app like tinder in India purely made for hookups and its user interface is quite similar to Tinder’s but is a Chinese app. It primarily asks a bunch of questions to know your preferences and suggest you a better match.

Tantan(Apps Like Tinder for India)

You may like or dislike as per your preference and if you get a like back then you may go ahead and start dating and even maintain a relationship.

Go Gaga

Go Gaga is likewise another best online dating app like tinder for India that permits you to date unique individuals all around the globe. Regardless of what the area is or how long you live or regardless of what fringe you may have a place with? Simply download Go Gaga and make a record and begin riding distinctive profiles according to your longing and date them. It is another application and is more known for veritable dating and not hookups.

Go Gaga

In any case, you may discover your perfect partner through various fringes just if you are both prepared to move slowly by keeping up a significant distance relationship, whenever coordinated. It requests your social media profile to join purposes and approaches a huge amount of inquiries for confirmation purposes. When everything is all together you may begin loving profiles and once coordinated feel free to make a lifetime opportunity out of it.

Plenty of Fish

It is additionally the best dating app like tinder for India that places ladies first to break the generalization. Much the same as blunder it follows a similar chain of command and encourages you to locate the privilege perfect partner according to your craving.

Without sharing any contact subtleties you may straightforwardly call the other individual by the inbuilt calling highlight offered by Woo. To meet the terms of security and ease it permits ladies to toss the dice first. Every single subtlety stays classified until the user itself feels to uncover.

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MeetMe is famous for its straightforward UI that permits you to manufacture your profile as per your inclinations. It is additionally the best dating app like tinder in India that permits you to locate your friends and family why long range informal communication.

MeetMe(Apps Like Tinder for India)

You simply need to make a record and keeping in mind that making a match with somebody you both need to respond to certain inquiries to show your similarity score. When the score is met both the user at that point proceeds to date through essentially or by whatever methods available.

Is online dating worth it?

Trust me there’s no need for exaggeration when it comes to meet new people and try and have a date with them. Yes, there’s no need for any negativity. You might be thinking what if you’re an introvert or an extrovert and must fear the question of whether you’d accomplish finding the right person? So yeah, online dating lets you clear all such questions out of your mind as you’d find a ton of persons online, and with the right bio you can approach the individual accordingly, and the story goes on. There are tons of couples who had made a nice bonding to date and eventually ended up being a happily married couple just because of online dating apps.

In A Nutshell

Online Dating is hard work to do and finding a good app is more, so we have run some survey for you by taking a deep dive into most popular Apps Like Tinder for India. All that said, have a great time using the most amazing Dating Apps to use for indian User. Stay Tuned to Techbhay for More Update.

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