Best Blur Face Apps For Android!

Best Blur Face App

There are hundreds of blur face apps available, but only a few of them are best. Some of them are snapseed, video toolbox movie maker, skitch, Afterfocus, KineMaster, PicsArt photo studio, and movstash. All these apps are capable of editing photos by not compromising the quality of the picture. The best part about these kinds of apps is that they are free and can be downloaded on any android phone easily.

By using such apps, you can create perfect photos within a second. Today, in digitalization, it is crucial to have an editing app on your phone that can create a standard photo more eye-appealing. Picking an individual app is still critical for many people, but we have mention some features of the app, so you can make a fair comparison of which one you should choose for face blur.


The snapseed is a video and photo editing tool developed by Google. With this app, users can blur faces and even particular objects in their videos and photos. The app is free and easy to use, and anyone unaware of editing can efficiently operate this app. 

The app is excellent for people with a keen knowledge of photography and who have immense interest in photography. Users can enhance, edit, and add special effects to their photos and videos effortlessly.


The Afterfocus allow users to apply high-goal blur impacts to photographs on an android gadget by basically choosing portions of the photograph users to need to cover up with their fingers. 

It additionally incorporates a wide assortment of expert photograph altering instruments and excellent picture channels to upgrade and improve photographs. To blur portions of a video, just select the blur impact’s shape and size and apply it to spare the changes.


The app is perfect for beginners who have less knowledge about photography editing. The android photo editing app has got 4.1 user rating. Skitch’s Pixelate choice lets you select a photograph territory and apply blur in only a few taps. 

Besides adding blur, you can likewise utilize Skitch to upgrade tones in photographs. The skitch has lots of features, and it also supports instant sharing of edited pictures to social media platforms.


There are different kinds of blur users can browse, and they can alter their videos in Simple and Timeline modes. Users can indicate the region of the shot they had preferred to blur physically and utilize the slider to set the force of the blur impact. 

The Timeline mode lets people add the same number of blur regions to a video as they need so that they can blur various appearances in a solitary shot. The particular app was explicitly intended to perform one principle work – blur videos, but it doesn’t offer some other video editing choices.


The KineMaster is a video editing programming intended for Android gadgets that allows you to blur faces in pictures and videos. The application likewise accompanies other functional features and tools that incorporate video speed control, changes and enhancements, multiple video layering, voiceovers, mixing modes, subtitling, and substantially more. By using this particular app, you will get all the necessary video editing tools.

Point blur:-

The point blur app is much in trend nowadays, and it is has gained a 4.3 rating, which is great for an app. The app is perfect for Android users, and it has nothing difficult or complicated about blurring faces or any other part of an image. 

You can easily handle this, as all you need to do is just use your finger to pick the area of a picture you’d like to blur, and afterward continue to pick the brush size and the force of the impact. 

Users can utilize Point Blur to blur the foundation of a photograph and make a smooth bokeh impact. After blurred a photograph effectively, one can share it on any web-based media of their preference.

Blur videos and images:-

Blur Video & Image android app allows users to put blur effects on images or videos on their smartphones. For blurring a face on the application, essentially import the photograph/video you wish to alter and put the blur over the photograph, and afterward fare to spare changes. 

Not under any condition like most of the applications on this overview, Blur Video and Image can blur different domains of a lone picture or video. Users can similarly describe the edges of the blur and change the power of the blur effect.

Conclusive Words!

The above mention is some useful as well as functional blur face apps for android users. You can make a fair comparison with this information, install any app on your device, and blur your image without any issues.