Best Farming Game For Android – Offline & Online 🌾

best farming games

Farming games belongs to the category, Simulation. Nowadays, farming games are not as popular as they used to be because of action multiplayer games like Pubg & Fortnight and their feeling of adventure and realist graphics. But we can’t simply rule out the fact that sim games have their own fan base, adventure and sense of realism. So, in this article, we will concentrate our focus on best farming games which you can easily download and you will definitely enjoy some of these farming games then we’ve enlisted below. Let’s start it:-

Best Farming Games For Android

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1. Big Little Farm

big little farm
Big Little Farm

The developer of Big Little farming game is Innovation Drive Studios and it was created on 21 October 2015. The size of this game is about 94mb and we also enjoyed it very much while playing it.

Big little farm is a farming game just like all of the games in the list are, and you can play this game via online or completely offline mode (Useful for you if you have weak connectivity). The USP of this game is that it has great graphic interface with beautiful gameplay and you will definitely like it. In little farm, you’ll make your dream farmland and you go through various real-life processes of farming like:- you harvest the crops such as corn, canola, and cotton, and you will love to take care of your pets such as cows, hens, horses, fishes, dogs, and many more pets are there. You can also do the decoration of your farmland. And there are also various lock features available, which you can unlock doing hard work in farming.

2. FarmVille 2

Farmville 2
Farmville 2

Zynga is the developer behind the iconic game Farmville at its peak it was played by more than 30 Million+ players worldwide on daily basis when it was available on Facebook back in the year 2009 ( Including Me (⌐■_■) ). Farmville 2 is a successor of first Farmville game and it was released on 16 April 2014. The current version of this game is 16.0.6000, and the size of this game is about 125 Mb before any in-game downloads.

In Farmville 2 you will go on a farming adventure, and you’ll need to complete typical farming chores on regular basis like raising animals and growing crops. You can also harvest your favourite vegetables and fruits this game is also free of cost to play, but if you are not a patient player and waiting is not one of your strong forte you can always buy some in-app coins that will make your gameplay faster, you can either choose between online or offline gameplay but we recommend that you log in regularly for saving you game progress on the cloud but you can also play it without an internet connection. It’s just that playing it online makes this game fun on another level like:- you can make new friends, join clans, chat with your friends and also get tips from pro players.

3. Hay Day

hay day
Hay Day

At present in 2020, Hayday is the most popular farming game and the developer of this game is Supercell also the developer of the very famous game Clash Of Clan popularly also known as COC. The released a few years back on 13 November 2013. The size of this game is around 129mb.

This game comes with variety of features like you can not farm only alone but you can gather your neighbors and your friends to do farming with them “I mean how fun is that😀”. You can also sell your produce in the game by transporting your crops or dairy products through a truck or steamboat. There are various animals available, and you can make them as your pet. There are also different types of things in this game that will make you fall in love with this game and many game items are available for purchase via spending your money.

4. Township


The developer of this game is Playrix and the released date of this game was 8 November 2013. The current version of this game is 7.7.0 in 2020 and the size of this game is about 145mb which is not that much. Note:- Game space might increase once you start playing it. You can easily download this game via the play store.

In Township, you will participate in the Race for Champions of co-ops. You can make your new friends and they can also play with you in this farming game. For decoration, there are Flag of Nations and various famous landmarks are available. You can also make Zoo in this game which is unique (I personally think so). Whereas while playing this game, you need to grow your crops and after cropping you can sell it in the factory. And there are also various cute and lovely animals available and you need to take care of them. LIKE THIS => 🐷.

5. WeFarm

we farm

WeFarm is proudly developed by Bigpoint company on 1 October 2019, you can consider them fairly new to this genre of gaming but they have achieved quite a lot in very less amount of time and you definitely need to go check this game out trust me. The size if this game is about 103mb and the current version of this game is 0.53.12 which might get updated to a newer version depending upon when you read this article.

Some of the few features of this beautiful game are, you can customize your character with beautiful clothes and you can make friends around the globe. You will discover variety of things every day. You can make your dream farmland along with your cute pets. Here are quests available through which you can win rewards and collect it, and used these rewards in farming.


In the above article, we talked about some of the best farming games and their specifications, features, and how to play. These games can be easily downloaded from the google play store. If you are fond of farming games, then I hope that this blog post will be helpful and informative to explore more about farming games.