List Of Top Google Play Store Alternatives 2021

google playstore alternative

The Google Play Store is generally the go-to location for Android Apps. But you may also not find the app that you are searching for, even with its broad collection of millions of applications. but that’s not the only spot. Read along To consider the replacements. 

In your region, each particular app may not even be available, it could be in the development phase, or your device may not even have access to that in the Play Store.

List For the Best Google PlayStore Alternatives



Aptoide is among the few competitive Android markets that give the Google Play Store strong competition. Although Google play has a massive dominance in the smartphone landscape, at least for apps on Android TVs, Aptoide has created its unique space.

Aptoide is known for having applications that are not normally included in the Play Store. So, when you’re going to switch to Google Play to access inaccessible applications due to geo-restriction or breach of the Play Store policy, then Aptoide is the best Google PlayStore Alternative in this category.

Heading to privacy, indeed, the Aptoide APKs are published explicitly by the creators and then further verified through many security checks by Aptoide. And there’s no shuffling by third involved parties. To summarise, Aptoide has over 1 million Android apps within the library and is adequately ready to replace the Play Store.


ApkMirror(Best Google PlayStore Alternative )

Another common option among the Android community for installing applications apart from the Play Store is APKMirror. While it is not an app marketplace, It is a directory of almost all Android apps that can find on the Play Store.

Generally, people use APKMirror to download geo-restricted software, so APKMirror is a good option if you are searching for an Alternatives of Google Playstore to detour the restriction. Apart from that, APKMirror has just launched an Android app on the Play Store to make downloading and managing APKs downloaded from APKMirror easier for users. 

To search applications, it still uses the webpage, but now you can download an APKM pack to easily install apps from the dedicated app. As for security, to authenticate the publisher, it verifies the signature of all the new APKs with the initial one. APKMirror is a perfect place to download Android applications without any limitations, so it is a serious alternative to the PlayStore.


F-droid(Best Google PlayStore Alternative )

One of the best options is F-droid, for a more transparent approach to apps. Volunteers run the entire platform and app store and rely on donations. It allows free applications only and has a policy of not encouraging apps that have add-ons or ads paid for. 

Biggest Advantage: There is nothing to lose with a large user base and almost no costs by uploading the app to this store and checking its success. It could be consider as one of the Best Google PlayStore Alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy Store

Galaxy Store(Best Google PlayStore Alternative )

For all Samsung devices, including Android smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and more, Galaxy Store is an exclusive app store. It’s a pity that Galaxy Apps is only available on Samsung devices because it’s very competent.

The range is certainly smaller than the Play Store and perhaps a little smaller than the Appstore of Amazon. Samsung Galaxy Apps has a comparatively limited number of apps compared to other app stores, but this can be helpful for apps to stand out. 

Amazon App Store

Amazon Store (Best Google PlayStore Alternative )

Another digital app platform competing with the Google Play Store is the Amazon App Store. In terms of success, it’s maybe next to the Google Play store and is the main app store on Kindle, Fire Phone, and Fire Mobile.

The app store does not have a web interface and the APK has to be downloaded for use. To boost discovery-ability, the apps are classified into various sections. And Amazon is offering one paid app for free per day to put the icing on the cake, which is a pretty good deal. Upon download, you are greeted by a screen where you use your email address to sign in. Having such astonishing features makes amazon app store the Best Google PlayStore Alternative and one of the main competitor of google Playstore.

Yalp store

yalp Store

Yalp Store is another exclusive app store. It uses Google Play Store APKs, but without the real Google Play Store, you can get them. You can directly search and install, and upgrade apps from the source. The UI is a little rusty, but it does work well enough. Additional features for root users still exist. Even though you don’t even need a Google account to use it.

 App installs from any source other than the Google Play Store are disabled by default on Android. So the first thing you need to do is enable app installation from sources that are not confirmed. Go to Configuration > Security. To enable it, tap ‘Unknown Sources’.It is one of Google PlayStore Alternatives you can consider.