Top 5 Phone Screen Sharing Apps For IOS & Android.

top 5 screen sharing apps

Do you want to Share the Screen of Phone on iPhone or Android? These applications will enable you to share the screen with friends to collaborate on anything. Screenshots are really best for sharing a instant snapshot of what’s on the screen of phone.  When you are using the great Phone Screen Sharing Apps then you can quickly broadcast the screen of the phone to someone else. In the forthcoming paragraphs we are going to share the great phone screen sharing applications for IOS and Android that will enable you to share the screen.

Here ,The list for the best Phone Screen Sharing Apps

Best Phone Screen Sharing Apps


skype(Best Phone Screen Sharing Apps)

Plenty of best Phone Screen Sharing Applications are out there and Skype is one of them. It is considered as one of the great videos calling platform that will enable you to share the screen of the phone in the video call. It is best feature which is accessible on all the platform, including IOS & Android apps. You will able to use it to stream the content of phone to desktop. You will surely able to show the content of screen in the group video call at no cost.

The popularity of the Skype’s screen sharing tool is on its hype. It is best application which doesn’t requires any kind of setup from you. All you need a particular Microsoft account. Firstly, you should download the Skype on the Phone and the launch application & sign in. If you don’t have friends in the list then try to add friends into the contacts list by searching Skype ID from search bar at top.


TeamViewer(Best Phone Screen Sharing Apps)

When it comes to the more advanced phone screen sharing application then TeamViewer is first name that comes in our mind. It has become a advance solution for sharing screen of mobile.

Configuration of such application is little bit difficult than skype & you will have to download the multiple add-on applications. It has become a straightforward way to share an IOS or Android screen via TeamViewer is with the help of TeamViewer Quick Support application. This particular application will enable you to quickly generate the antique ID for the device. You will surely able to share the screen without creating any TeamViewer account. 



If you are searching for the best social screen sharing application then you should consider Squad that is making the virtual hangouts little bit easy. You will surely able to video call up to nine people & share the Android or IOS screen in the real time.

Squad will enable you to focus on the single application. This particular application is offering a feature that will enable you to create the groups & launch a video chat with all members. Squad is one of the great application which is free to download but will ask for your phone number to create the new account. This particular application can be easily accessible on the Android. 

Mimicr (Android)


Are you looking for the best screen sharing application? If so, then you should opt for the Mimicr that is really great application that can stream the screen of the phone with minimal latency. It is really best application that will able display the content onto the second phone via web link or same application.

This particular application is incorporated with voice chat feature so you will surely able to talk to recipient while sharing the screen. Receiver will able to express themselves through emojis & reactions. Mimcr is best application that is available at no charge but it can be accessible for the Android only.

With the help of such incredible application, you can also share the screen of the computer easily. Ultimately, it is best application that enable you to share the screen of the phone at no cost.



Nothing is better than Lightbeam which has set largely identical to the squad but this great application stands out with its antique screen sharing abilities. If you are using such a best application then you will surely able to initiate the video chat & will able to broadcast screen at same time.

It is one of the best screen sharing application that is also integrate live comments inside screen sharing window. Such incredible software has integrated the live comments inside the screen sharing window. Make sure that you are making the use of Lightbeam that is supporting the four participants on the single call. This particular application is available for the Android only. 

The Final Verdict

Lastly, these are some incredible applications that will enable you to share the home screen of the phone. Make sure that you are making the use of right application so you can quickly Share the Screen of the computer or Phone. All you need to invest considerable amount of time in the research, so you can make the access of the best screen sharing software.