Best scanning apps like Camscanner

Best scanning apps

Mobile phones are used for so many stuff. One of the less common aims is for scanning documents. It’s very useful for aspects like reviewing forms into PDF format, scanning vouchers for taxes, and even analyzing a filled out form for email. 

As we all know, the Camscanner app has been removed from Google PlayStore in India. Camscanner was an app typically used to scan the images directly on the phone, no scanners needed. It proved to be essential but now that has been removed, here are a few alternatives that will help you out with the task:-

  1. Microsoft Office Lens 

It is a pocket PDF scanner that allows users to scan images. It was one of the best apps in 2015 in Puerto Rico and the USA. Office Lens cuts improve and take pictures of documents into a readable format. You can use Office Lens to convert images to PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files, and save to OneNote, OneDrive, or the local device. You can also use images that are existing on your device using Gallery. Scan and upload all your different types of documents. Increase your productivity by ceasing time wastage in searching around for documents. Whether you’re using it for work or studies, Office Lens will help you save and share your documents in OneNote and OneDrive so you can even work with teams as a collaboration. 

  1. Scenery 

This app is an extremely useful one to have on your phone because it is loaded with essential features that ease your life. 

Scenery allows users to click images or use the ones from the gallery, do image processing including editing, and share JPEG or PDF versions of the image. This app makes the phone for the job of the image scanner, document manager, photo editor, and PDF convertor. Any kind of receipts, documents, whiteboard written work, images, paper prints, etc. can be made into their digital counterparts within a seconds. The scanning system is very smart. It crops unnecessary stuff on its own and does not let the text darken or lighten, making it easier to read. There is no breach of privacy or theft of information because no personal data is ever stored on the app. No annoying ad interruptions or watermarks or logos that appear on your document. You can directly share the files on WhatsApp or other apps. Multiple images can be selected and scanned at one time to merge into a PDF. There are no registrations required. 

  1. Adobe Scan 

Turn your device into an efficient, portable document scanner, that comes with OCR text recognition with the free to use Adobe Scan app. You can use this mobile document scanner to turn anything from receipts, notes, documents, photos to business cards, whiteboards, etc. into a PDF that can be reused from each photograph or document that is scanned.

Advanced technology recognizes borders and sharpens the content to be scanned for the best quality PDF. The editing tools are easy to use and can work on photos and PDFs. You can remove erase stains, marks, creases, and even handwriting. The content created would be recyclable which is amazing to highlight stuff. The Adobe Scan app connects users to the best document services in the world that let them do even more with their PDFs. Edit PDF and photos, convert to Microsoft Office, fill and sign, and send for tracked signatures. 

  1. Document Scanner 

Free to use document and photo scanning app to make scanning easy and accessible from anywhere.  Scan your document into the quantity and quality of format you want. Enhance the scan quality by a great level automatically or manually. You can change your PDF into modes like B/W, Lighten, Color, and dark. It turns scans into clear PDF that is easy to read. Documents can be organized into files and folders. Share PDF/JPEG files to other apps and people. Print and fax the scanned items directly from the app.

You can also scan QR Code/Bar-code apart from creating QR Code. The scanned QR code can be shared too. Old documents can be converted into better versions that are sharp and clear by working off the imperfections and stains.  PDF can be made into different sizes like Postcard, A1, A6,  etc. 

  1. Swift Scan 

It allows users to easily create free, high-quality PDF scans or JPG scans within a few seconds. You can also send files as a fax or by email. It also uploads them to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and other cloud services. It is lightning fast even while being extremely simple. You can move, edit, rotate, edit or delete any of the pages of the whole document. All your information is in safe hands because no personal data is ever stored.