How to get iPhone Emojis on Android without Rooting

Emojis are the new method of expressing oneself emotions while chatting with friends or loved ones. When compared to the iPhones, the emojis in the android is not that cool. This had made the android users more worried and the emojis in the iPhones are pretty awesome. Several applications can be used for the conversion of the android emojis to the one exactly like iPhone emojis but whereas only a few of them work properly, the rest of them don’t work.  This application seems like getting worked out but when the user starts to use the emoji they turn out to be the same old ones. 

By exactly following the tips given in this article, this problem could be solved very easily. This is a method that does not request any rooting process for the phone. Rooting the mobile phone can be a very long and hectic method. Here is the easy step by step process to get iPhone emojis to your android phone:

Step 1: The Unknown Sources to be enabled in the device

Open the Settings tool in the phone and tap the Security option. Under security options, there will be an option Unknown Sources that have to be enabled. This option will help to install the application from unknown sources that are not available in the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Download the Emoji Font 3 Application  

 The Emoji Font 3 application has to be downloaded and install on the Android device. This application will not be available in the Play store because of the copyright problem with the apple. The application was deleted from the play store .therefore the application has to be downloaded from the Emoji Font 3.apk and install it on the android phone. When the Aptoide is installed in the device open the application that will ask to download Emoji Font 3. After this, the application will be downloaded and installed on the device.

Step 3: Alternate the Font Style to Emoji Font 3

Select the Settings option in the android device. Choose the Display option and then select the Font Style. After clicking on the option, there will be an option of Emoji Font 3. Choose that option and then click any black area to save the opted settings. This is the most important step to change the iPhone emoji into an android pan hone. After changing the font of the phone into Emoji Font 3. There will be a change in the font style of the system that is more noticeable. It is the only tradeoff against for avoid to root the phone. If at all have to diminish the change in the phone the only thing that has to be changed is the size of the fonts into a smaller one. the job will be done.

Step 4: choose the Google board as Default Keyboard

The final step is to download the Gboard – The Google Keyboard app from Google Play Store and then install it on an Android device. When the application is installed it will ask to make it as a default keyboard. Choose the Select Input Method and then choose Gboard. That’s was the final step to change the android emoji into an iPhone emoji. 

Why should we get iPhone EMOJIS FOR ANDROID devices?

Android has its emojis, but those are dull and less explicit while iPhone emojis glances outstanding. And the best way to express yourself is the main purpose most of us like ios the emojis on our Android devices.

On the other hand, emojis on Android are understanding less and illogical. There are no clues of specific feelings in android emoticons. 


The above given is the only method to change the android emoji into an iPhone emoji. This is a very easy and the only effective solution to change. Since this process does not require any rooting method they can be easily implemented in the entire android device with no error.

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