Top 8 Best Search Engine Apps for Android and IOS

Search engines allow us to filter tons of information available on the web and obtain the foremost accurate results. While most of the people don’t pay much attention to look engines, they are searching to get their results and therefore the experience you enjoy while exploiting the web. Although you’ll think that Google is the best search engine but due to its dominance, you’ll be surprised to know that there are other great search engines. This write-up tries to rank a number of the modest search engines out there.


Google was first developed by LARRY PAGE, Sergey Brin, and Scott Hassan. It is one of the most popular and easily accessible search engines. The main objective is its ability to provide satisfying results to the users, has versatility in its function, and runs with a good speed. It is free to use and easy to edit as well. There is no need for installation as it can be easily accessed in android and iOS. The most considerable advantage is that it is good at putting the most relevant sites at the top of the result list, from most popular to least popular. For security purposes, Google has started using HTTPS as a ranking signal and encourages all the sites to use it so that the data they have transmitted to it, will be secured. It is much reliable and has its own dictionary, calculator, and spell checker.

2.YAHOO! Search: –

It is available for both IOS and Androids. Yahoo has released the Search, Mail, and Messenger for android and IOS devices. It has also improved its web experience for iPhone via HTML 5. Now we can also add it to our home screen (as an Android widget). It helps us to find the information on-the-go. We can search for our favorite websites on it and it will address our site. We can also ask any authentic questions related to any topic. Before Google, it was the only search engine that was processing all over the world. It is one of the most popular functions which is still used by hundreds of people is its mail


The second-largest search engine in the market of the US is Bing. It is a search engine created and operated by Microsoft. It provides a variety of functions including web, video, image, and map search products. It was developed by using ASDP.NET. This app is updated regularly and its wallpaper with the new spectacular photo or video, we can set that picture onto our wallpaper, share it, and swipe to see the previous pictures and can also get the information about the location of that image. It has also a privacy mode that can be off for the single search or for all searches so that your previous search results will not appear in your search.

4. AOL: –

It is an American web portal founded in the US by Steve Case and others. It is easily compatible with iPhone and Android. AOL Mail storage is 1TB and this data can be accessed by the AOL app so we can access our files at all times. It still exists though, we don’t need  CD_ROM to install the program. It is the most popular mail app that is offering free email services with a simple and efficient email editing advantage.


Duck duck go is one of the most secured search engines. It received results from the compilation of over 400 rich sources sites. Its prominent feature is that it does not store IP addresses, does not register user information. It is an anonymous app with a strict privacy policy and each time when you search on it, you will find a blank page of its search history, therefore, it is a user-friendly app.


Qwant is a French web engine, available in 26 languages. Qwant Maps is manageable to launch to which anyone can contribute. It is the app that respects the user and not treats them as a product and exploits them but as a person and tries to help them as it could. It treats all the users on the same forum without any discrimination ad without modifying the results for the specific users. It is a fast and privacy-oriented browser with the efficient and remarkable results.


It is the first well-documented software that shows the result of every search in a proper textual manner. The results can be in the form of images, links, articles, research papers, etc. It is most recommended software that keeps your information saved and does not leak anything. It has six features; the google search box, Speed Dial, the bookmark manager, News, synced tabs and our browsing history.


It is a sort of technology company owned by Russian cooperation. It was built with the goal of helping its users, with the navigation of the online and offline world. It provides the suggestion just like the main search page that helps the user to search more quickly and saves them to enter their full search. It’s not a virus and it is a secure browser. It is the most popular search engine in Russia.


Search engines provide a vast and considerable amount of information with a good speed. These all search engines are most suitable for android and iOs devices with the recent tools in it. With the passage of time and with the increasing demands, these apps are enhancing their features as per the requirements of the current situation with all privacy systems.