Top 10 Snapchat Saver Apps For (Android/IOS) 2021

snapchat saver app

Snapchat is an application developed by an American multimedia Snapchat Inc. The principal features of Snapchat are for taking snapshots and sending messages to one another which are usually only accessible for a short time before they become inaccessible to their recipients. Snapchat is a fast and funny way to share the moment with friends and family Snapchat unlocks right to the camera, so you can send a Snap in seconds. This application works on both the Operating system Android as well as iOS. The programming language used to build this application is python, JavaScript, PHP, and Cocoa. Here are some of the applications that can be used to save the snap taken on the phone.

  1. Save Story

The save story application takes the screenshot of the photo. The app also has a screen recorder even on a non-rooted mobile phone. These screenshots are directly saved in the gallery. The application never sends a notification once the screenshot is captured. This application grabs the images from the recorded videos and has the option of record video with audio. There is no need to Log in to access this save story application. 


  1. Snap Save

Snap Save is a great application that captures screenshots and also of the video snaps anonymously. This application has an easy-to-use interface alternative of the same session to record videos and screenshots. Snap save is an application used by many users that possess an autosave mode option that works with the chat. Registration is not required for using this application. This application can be downloaded from the link given below:


  1. Screen Recorder

The OS Screen recorder is a great snap chat screenshot application and has awesome features. This application helps to send Snapchat secretly without the knowledge of the users. This application was used to share private multimedia messages. It also helps in the multitasking of short-videos and lives video chatting also creating emoji and bitmoji avatar which are shared temporarily.


  1. Snap keep for Snapchat

This application is very much suitable for the iPhone. This application has a feature of snap upload the photos and videos of your friend mobile without any knowledge. The application also saves the photo, video. Snap keep also can remember the password. This application can be downloaded from the link given below:


  1. Snap Stories Downloader

This is a great application that helps to download the pictures and videos from the snap chat account and saved automatically to the gallery directly. The sample version of this app will be used anonymously. They are very much simple to use, best in quality, and can be explored easily. This app helps to record videos while playing games Just with the help of smartphones click on the download for easy installation & explore the version. The link to the application is given below:


  1. Snap Grab Screenshot Tool

This application is used to download the screenshots anonymously without sending any information to the sender. The pictures get saved in the gallery. This amazing application is loved by all the users that can be viewed and also reviews. It has an autosave option that helps along with the chat. The application users are benefits & values. This application can be downloaded from the link given below:


  1. Snap save for Snap Chat

This application helps in taking infinite screenshots of photos, chats, gifs, videos, games, and pictures of your choice. This application has a special feature of naming your friend screenshot with image and name along within the application. It greatly helps to manage their records easily and user-friendly. This optimum app can be downloaded from the below-mentioned link, and start using it for unlimited downloads of screenshots, photos, and videos.


  1. SnapCrack Free for Snap Chat

This is an application used for the iPhones. This is mainly used to post the story and to save the story in the application. It also supports both photos and videos. The application helps to save the snap directly to the gallery without any information conveying to the sender. It has an added advantage of the drawing or adding stickers to it. The link to download this application is been given below:


  1. SnapBox

You can save the snaps just by opening the SnapBox application. This is widely used and allows you to download and save the snaps in the gallery automatically. The great collection of gallery enables the user to decorate the snaps with the available tools and make fun of pictures. This app is very simple to utilize, and anyone can utilize it very effortlessly by pursuing some easy steps. You also obtain an alternative to save the video either in the local storage or in any of your backup storage locations.


  1. Private Screenshots

The application is used to save your screenshots with privacy and security. The screenshot that is saved using this app is saved in the private folder app directory directly and assures not to disclose the notification about the captured screenshot. It works for capturing the screenshot in one single click. It is one of the most convenient apps, yet effective.


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