Best Live Like App & Similar Alternatives

Bigo Live is a social media application. It brings everything that includes chatting and live video streaming options. 

Additionally, it is a multifunctional app. Therefore, many people like to use Bigo Live to enjoy watching live videos and interacting with friends. 

With just one click, you can follow your fans and favorite broadcasters. People of all age groups like to connect with the Bigo Live app.

What are the best alternatives for the Bigo Live application?

  • Friday Night Live-Social Video 

Friday Night Live-Social Video is the most trending application on the internet. You can watch the real-time videos published by broadcasters across the world. This app has designed and developed by Hua Jiao. It is the best app for people who want to highlight their talent in the world. You can see videos of celebrities.

Additionally, you get the opportunity to talk to them too. You can start adding your videos on Friday Night Live-Social Video. Within time, you can become a renowned celebrity. 

  • MQ-Kitty Live

The Kitty Team has designed and developed the Kitty Live entertainment application. There are up to mark features in it. In this app, there are 12 questions quiz content. Anyone who wins the contest gets $10 million prize money. The app is designed in such a way that it takes the form of a live game show that can be played two to three times every day.

  • U LIVE

U LIVE the perfect place to interact with the coolest people across the world. This app creates a comfortable environment while communicating with a group. Moreover, it is a simple-to-use mobile app with a clean design and user interface. It offers high-quality video calling, chatting, unlimited messaging, and video streaming options. Therefore, with all these features in the U LIVE app, it is an excellent alternative to Bigo Live. You can create multiple chat rooms and can do private chatting too. 

  • Tamago Live 

The Asia Sports Ventures developed the Tamago Live application. A live streaming social networking app lets you watch real-time videos across the world. By using this platform, you can interact with your favorite celebrities. The people who want to display their talent can use this app for uploading videos. It is a stage to highlight your hidden talent. Tamago is the best place to get your audience and payment for viewership.

  • YouStar

YouStar is a simple social networking platform. You can meet new people here. Then, start chatting with them. It is the coolest video-making application available on Android and iOS platforms. Other than its video chatting features, you can get a bundle of other interactive activities too. You can talk and have fun with strangers. 

  • is a video chatting platform, designed and published by Broadcast team. It is very simple but the most relaxed place to talk with 25 million people from 85 countries. You can enjoy live video streaming by using video app. Many people create videos and earn money from it. The best thing about the app is that it allows live streaming, discovering new people. Additionally, you can invite friends and convert them into cash. 

  • Mico

Mico World Limited designed and developed an exceptional tool known as Mico. You can download it on platforms such as iOS and Android. To meet new people globally, and then you can use this social media application. It is similar to other social media applications. You can send messages, watch exciting videos, and use this application to earn money. You have to download the Mico app on your Smartphone and create your account to enjoy its services. 

  • YeeCall 

For making HD video calling to your friends and family, get the YeeCall on your phone. You can do video calling free over 2G, 3G, or 4G wifi connections. It is free to use the mobile application. You can get to your loved ones living across the world. YeeCall mobile application is available on Android and iOS operating systems. This app offers high-quality video and voice calling. You will feel like talking to a person sitting opposite you. 

  • 7Nujoom 

Fission Inc developers’ team has designed live streaming and random video chat room known as 7Nujoom. It is the first live application to do chatting and make funny videos in the Arabic language. You can make cool lip sync videos can become the superstar in your friends’ group. It is one of the best all-in-one live video streaming application that permits you to like the premium live stream, create voice chat with new friends in the random chat room.

  • Tango 

There is no doubt that Tango is a great application to be in touch with the people you love the most. It is a free social media application available on both Android and iOS applications. There are around 350 million active users on Tango. They are sharing millions of stuff every day on this social networking platform. Its functioning is similar to Bigo Live application. On the other hand, it is a perfect place for people who want to display their talent. You can use the Tango application to do video calling with your loved ones anytime. 

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