Yowhatsapp vs GBWhatsapp Comparison & [Download Latest Mod Apk]


Whatsapp is one of the widely used social media applications all around the world because of its incredible features and benefits. These days many people are attracted to Yowhatsapp vs GBwhatsapp because they are the best WhatsApp mod apps available for the smartphone users, having advanced features. There are people who like to use two different WhatsApp accounts on a single device. Both GBWhatsApp and Yowhatsapp have almost similar features but there are some minute differences. If we compare both these WhatsApp then we know many options.

Comparison Between | Yowhatapp Vs GBWhatsApp

Similarities between YoWhatsapp and GB WhatsApp

Two accounts in the same app

If you are using Yo Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp APK in a single the device then you can run both of them smoothly but with different phone numbers. Your both phone numbers need to be fully operative.

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Sharing documents and files

In both these Whatsapp, users are allowed sending all formats of files that are larger than usual and these mods also share locations easily.


In both Yowhatsapp and GBWhatsapp, users are allowed to hide online status as well as freeze the last seen or they can also remove the double blue check options. These are one of the most demanded functions by Whatsapp users. All this means that people whom we selected won’t be able to see our last online time or connected time. Another amazing feature is that we as a user can easily view the information about our contacts but they can’t see ours.

Blocking feature

In the official version of Whatsapp, you can only block your contacts but in Gb WhatsApp you have the power to block unwanted audio and video calls without thinking much.

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Add password to your private chats

Gb Whatsapp has got another exciting feature for its users and that is the demand of every person. It allows you to put a lock to all your personal chats so that you can hide all your private conservations from everyone around you. Now, you don’t have to worry at all when your phone is in the hands of your best friend as he won’t be able to check your private conversations.

Scheduling your Whatsapp messages

A similar feature of Yo Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp is that you can easily schedule your Whatsapp messages and auto-reply without ruining your sleep. It is one of the highly appreciated features by the people. For example, when you have to wish birthday to your friend at 12 am you can schedule the messages.

Differences between YoWhatsapp and GB WhatsApp

Change of Customization Option

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One of the most prominent differences between these two applications are in their customization settings because their catalogs are very different from one another, for example when you apply a skin you can see a clear difference. You can notice the same thing for other options too such as icons, colors, and fonts. So they both have different kinds of settings when it comes to customizations of conversations and chats.

Monthly Update

Most of the people prefer GBWhatsapp over Yowhatsapp because it is regularly updated every month. So, all the issues and bugs are fixed with every update.

No Root

The users don’t need a rooted device to run GB Whatsapp on their phones. However, when you are using Yo Whatsapp you need to root your device.

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In a Nutshell

So, if we talk about Yowhatsapp vs GBwhatsapp. You won’t find much difference between Yowhatsapp and GBWhatsapp but mostly have common features. YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are both mod versions of Whatsapp so they are both good.  Stay Tuned to Techbhay for More Update.

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