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Free Bangla Word Software v1.9.0

Bangla is the prominent language spoken in West Bengal, which is a state in the Indian Subcontinent; although we can trace Bangla speakers in Bangladesh too; which is a neighbour to the Indian Subcontinent.

Bengali is an Indo-Aryan language and when compared to world wide statistics, ranks as the fifth most spoken native language in the world. It is the national language of Bangladesh and official language of the states of West Bengal, Tripura, and the Barak Valley of the state of Assam.

Bangla language just like any-other language has a very diverse history, and it requires a specific software to showcase this history.

Bangla Word is one such software which enhances the language by allowing the user to type in Bengali. The software is just like any typing tool, and allows the user to type in various dialects and fonts as required.

Bangla word first came out in 2009, produced by Bangla Software Group; and the product instantly got all the fame as no software even came close to comparing with the features Bangla Word had to offer.

How to download and Installation Bangla Word Software

First you need is to download the bangla Word software from the link provided below:


Installation of the software is fairly simple, following are the steps:

  • Install the software on your PC or Laptop
  • Open the download folder and locate the file
  • Run the file and choose and location for installing the application
  • Once the application is installed, open the application
  • Run the application and wait for it to install itself in the system
  • The software is ready to use.

Details of Bangla Word

Bangla word has been specifically designed for typing in Bengali, thus minimalizing the possibility of bugs. The main focus of the software is on the Bengali audience; this is one of the reasons why the software has to offer 39 fonts at the smallest resource.

It should also be noted that the software allows the users to download the software and embed it directly into the system; this means that the software will not require multiple third party applications. One nightmare that every user is sceptical about is the virus status of the product; luckily the product is pre-tested for malware and safe to download.

Technical details

Just like any other language software, Bangla Word is also based on font encoding and Unicode input data. This is one of the primary reasons why the software is able to support nearly 39 fonts.

As the Bangla characters are entered using only swarabarnas (vowels) and banjobarnas (consonant); the derived juktho okkors (conjunct characters) are placed directly in the system.

The language software further has a Bangla Script and a Bangla Font.

Bangla Script is highly beneficial for individuals who use the software for typing on various devices. The user can easily switch from typing in English to Bengali with just one click; thus making it easier to type in Bengali at many different platforms.

Bangla Font on the other hand is like any other typing software, and converts the English typed alphabets into Bengali. It should be noted that the software uses English letter phonetic sounds; thus making it possible for the software to change the English letters to Bengali letters and not translate it. As translation does not account for the dialects and grammar, the Bangla software does not translate but instead allows the user to type and make sentences with perfect grammar.

System Requirements For Software

The software is easy on the system and has very minimal requirements. The following are the minimum requirements-

Operating SystemAll Windows versions are supported
RAM128MB and above
ProcessorIntel Pentium and above
Hard Disk50MB and above

Version Details

Here are some details about the latest Bangla Word Version 1.9.0

File NameBanglaword.exe
Architecture32 bit/ 64 bit
License1.9.0 activated with 39 fonts
Developed byBangla Software Group

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