10 Best Free Live Streaming Apps For Android & ios In US

live tv apps for usa

Almost 95% of people own a mobile phone and the average US adult almost spends about 2 hours, 55 minutes on the smartphone according to a survey conducted in the year 2019.  The mobile phone had made things pretty quick and easy. Nowadays people started using mobile phones instead of waiting for television shows and movies because they feel more comfortable. So here are some of the television apps used to see live shows.


USTVNOW is a popular app used for watching live shows in the United States of America. They are user-friendly and have got a great UI. This app provides regular updates and fixes the bug much faster. They have also provided a search bar which is more convenient for the user to easily search for their favorite shows. Along with the search bar, they provide a favorite tab where the user can mark their favorite show and watch later. This application is available for all the android and apple iPhones.

  • UkTVNow

UKTV now is at the top list for the best quality services in live streams. They are much popular in countries like the states of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada as well. They are providing services for almost 10 countries. The app contains 150 plus channels to entertain. They have a user-friendly alternative like watch later, and the shows can be filtered country wise and category wise too. This app does not ask for any registration methods for logging in. They have amazing speed and great UI. They support all devices like Android and iPhones.

  • Swift streams

The swift stream provides 700 plus Live Television Channels on your phone from all over the world. Watch Favourite shows on live television Channels with High Quality on Android Mobile. Using this app, live Indian and International television Channels are available free on android phones and iPhones across the world. The app provides Multiple Players Support which is more flexible for the users.  They also have an improved Video Player for more entertaining purpose. They smoothly work on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and other networks at greater speed.

4.  Torrent Free Controller IPTV

Torrent free Controller application gives a wonderful experience with hundreds of Television channels across the world which also stream directly without any need to download. The only thing the user has to do is to install the app named Ace Stream Engine. Torrent provides a high-quality to watch channels online. You can choose multiple channels related to any subject area and can also enjoy them in high definition.

5.  Genius Stream Live TV App

Genius Stream is an application which provides links of the channels in HD quality that are perfectly arranged in the order of country and type of content provided with also special attention to the sports channels to where user can experience the best matches amongst others live and in real-time. Users can also watch great movie premieres and the favourite series that user downloads install the APK of GStreamer. They provide Multiple Players Supported and ALSO GIVES Free Live TV without any subscription. It has a simple user interface.

6.   Play Live TV APK

Play Live TV has an updated IPTV APK which provides the user to watch Television Channels for different Countries like the USA, Africa, India, Canada, and many more countries. The APK does not provide a vast list of live TV channels and does mostly focused on live Sports channels. In the APK user can choose all channels and also the countries that users can watch on top of the screen. Many of the streams are available in HD quality. Users can install into the Android phone and also on the iPhones for free live streaming.

7.  Hulu

Hulu is a television application that requires a video streaming platform that has been providing the services around for many decades. The application was first founded in the year of 2007 and which is currently owned by Disney and also by the Comcast with the Walt Disney Company owning a majority stake. Hulu is streaming only in the US and Japan. The Hulu plans are also available in Puerto Rico and US military bases.

8.   Mobdro

Mobdro is an application for watching TV online. It can be used to tune into TV channels and also video streams in the smartphone and the tablet using the data connection or WiFi connection. Here the user can access the number of channels that are already being broadcast therefore no chance to be able to choose which show to watch. The application is modernized in the way of classic TV.it offers users the number of channels that we can access to view programs that are being aired at that precise moment.

9.  Doctor IPTV App

The doctor is a great IPTV app for all Android devices that a user can watch live TV channels in countries like UK, USA, Greece, and Portugal. This application works great on Android Phones. Tablets and also on the iPhones. The app allows users to listen to Radio Channels in Countries like the UK, the USA, Greece, and Portugal. It has a simple interface and is very easy to use. They provide a greater experience for the user. They are very easy to install and for function.

10. RedBox TV Free IPTV App

Redbox is an app that streams all the new movies newly released and they used without any subscription. The user can also download and watch anywhere and anytime in offline mode which is more comfortable for the users. Redbox provides the Free Live TV with no sign in required proses. The user can watch several popular channels like TMZ, USA Today, and FailArmy. Users can also watch the channels featuring handpicked collections of personal favorites. The app is more users friendly and can be downloaded quickly. They provide a greater experience with options like the search bar and watch later options.


We discussed all the best free live Television apps for android and ios in the United States of America. You can consider these apps if you want to enjoy live television shows at the right time.

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