India’s Top Best Alexa Compatible Devices

Alexa is becoming a new member of almost every family lately and it looks like she is here to stay. This virtual assistant introduced to us by Amazon is a cloud-based voice service available on millions of devices out there. Alexa is the easiest one to communicate with, as all we have to do is talk. She is an excellent helping hand, from listening to music and daily news to ordering items and answering the door, she is the perfect assistant we all hope for.

There is a wide range of devices available in the market today that supports Alexa. This creates confusion amongst the potential buyers on which device you can purchase. 

To help everyone out here is a list of the best Alexa supporting devices. 

1) Fire TV Stick.

     This is a top streaming media player, assisted by Alexa’s voice control remote. It is a second-generation released in 2019. It can transform any HDTV into a smart TV. It is a boon for Amazon prime subscribers as it gives unlimited access to thousands of movies and shows on your TV. All you have to do is speak to Alexa and get what you want to play instantly.

2) Amazon Smart plug

This is a compact plug that can be used to control your electronic devices. It is a worthy investment as it can work efficiently, affordable, and is very pleasing to look at. The virtual assistant also supports routers.

    You just have to ask Alexa to switch on or switch off something. You can schedule the usage of any device. The best aspect is for parents, you can keep a track of your child’s screen time and control it. Isn’t it the best one you can get benefit with? 

3) Amazon Eco 2nd Generation Speakers

     Amazon has several speakers under the Echo range. The 2nd generation speaker has some unique features. Be it making a grocery shopping list or knowing the traffic on the way to the office. This device can offer help in almost everything.  

       Possesses an amazing noise cancellation system that can hear you from all corners of the house and even on top of loud music. Plus it is affordable and durable with a 1-year warranty, which is worth giving a try.

4) Eco Dot 3rd Generation Speaker.

     Similar to the 2nd generation speaker Echo dot can assist in those fields and more. It has a multi-layer security system which helps you to access or erase any voice recording anytime. It also senses it surrounding to adjust its led display accordingly. A device worth having.

5) Halonix Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb.

    Supported by Eco Dot, this led bulb manufactured in India can be smartly controlled according to your need or mood. 16 amazing shades of RGB lights provide the perfect lighting for any occasion. The best part is it does not require a separate HUB any common router is just enough. Plus it is budget-friendly and has a long life. So light up your life and your homes.

6) JBL Live 500BT Wireless Over-Ear Voice-Enabled Headphones.

    Here is a treat for all music lovers. These headphones by JBL have an inbuilt virtual assistant. Alexa is here to be your DJ, you just have to ask. 30 hours of continuous battery life. And a 1-year warranty. Music is now at your fingertips. 

7) Motorola Pulse 3 Max Over-Ear Wired Headphones.

     Looking for a more affordable option? Motorola has the solution. Alexa optimized headphones, with deep bass and lightweight, Rolling ear cups, and much more. With hands-free calling and inline microphones. This is a product you must check out. 

8) Fitbit Health & Fitness Smartwatch.

     Health being everyone’s top priority. You may want to invest in this smartwatch that 24/7 records your heart rate and helps count the number of calories burned during a workout. Also helpful in setting reminders and tracking quality of sleep. It is an overall fitness advisor. 

9) Havells Smart Ceiling Fan 

    Havells has a range of smart fans who can be switched on and off by ordering Alexa along with controlling its speed. Not just that it has different modes and has up to 5 level speed control and timer setting. Tired if always switching on and off the fan Havels may help.

10) Ring Video Doorbell 3rd Generation.

      When paired with any Alexa device Ring Video Doorbell alerts you when someone rings it or when any kind of motion is detected. You can easily see your visitor. This device is most useful for the safety of children, senior citizens, or pets. Extremely affordable with a rechargeable battery. Buy on now!

11) Acer Spin 5 laptop.

      This laptop has inbuilt microphones helping Alexa understand you. With a slim built and less weight it a stunning touchscreen laptop with some amazing features. With 10th generation Intel Core processor and Intel Iris Plus GPU. This laptop will assist you in doing almost anything.

12) Ecobee Smart Camera.

       This camera takes smartness to a next level. It uses GPS and WIFI to track whether your family is home or not and automatically stops recording. It records 180-degree view and with the smart Ecobee app you can see the footage anywhere you desire. It also sends an automated message to you if any disturbance is caught. It is a huge step in personal security.