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Kissanime was an in-demand website to watch superlative English, Japanese (subbed and dubbed) anime in High definition without any paid subscription but now is down. These days, anime is an extraordinary wellspring of amusement, particularly during this season of the pandemic when everybody is encouraged to remain at home during lockdown to assist the government cure for the welfare of life.

People are even wondering where to find anime movies apart from kissanime? Well, Kissanime was the ruler of websites that offered anime movies and series as compared to other anime websites. It was an illegal website that offered a large collection of best-offered videos in terms of quality. Its user interface was very simple in terms of choosing from different genres of animes like Drama, mystery, comedy, magic, fantasy Romance, action, psychological, supernatural, and Sci-fi. However, is now no more but be that as it may there are still other alternative websites that offer the same anime videos without any hassle.


Why is kissanime down?

Kissanime is now down However, there are still different sites or I would say ways from which a colossal inventory from saying anime movies are offered for free.  It totally depends upon your choice to watch whatever anime movie you want out of all.  As kissanime was a torrent website it offered direct links to download the latest releases. The website transferred links to download from especially of the latest and also the old anime movies. Be that as it may, it likewise includes a lot of astonishing variety of anime films and series. Subbed and Dubbed anime movie links are also available on this website.  But to be honest this pirated movie website leaks the latest movies and is restricted by the Government of all countries if they observe it.

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As there are various websites offering similar services yet this is the best website out of all, trust me. You must be thinking why best? It’s obvious.  See, while pirated websites are torrent sharing websites, many are likewise few in offering illegal streaming where you can watch for free online. was one such streaming website to count on.

What y’all must’ve adored about Kissanime is that this was an exclusive website, offering all types of anime films to stream or download. However, it was a piracy site, hence; all the links of its collections for films were illicit. Due to this, the website got down last night somewhat around 10 pm on the 14th of August. It has been now down due to the removal of files by the patent owners.

As its usage has banned through of all countries Government strict laws, however, the website is still constantly sharing movies via several different addresses. Like,,, etc. This website is managed from foreign and is effortlessly breaking all the boundaries of the government of all countries.

The government of all countries has banned downloading movie torrent from such sites, it becomes clear that it stands illegal. The reason for banning such sites is simple as the anime industry suffers huge losses due to them as people tend to watch the new anime online way before its release and refuses thereafter to watch it online such as on apps by paying subscriptions. For these websites uploading such movies without any copyright claim is illegal and also is against the law. Hence it is recommended to not indulge in such an act and download movies from such websites and adapt legal ways only.

Kissanime Alternative Sites

There are various options through which you can stream anime movies and series. They are as follows:

1. GoGoanime

GoGoAnime is another great option to KissAnime alternative sites where you can get a gigantic rundown of anime pictures and episodes. The site is efficient and organized with all the mainstream and most recent motion anime episodes. It has all the highlights practically like KissAnime and can get a rundown of the considerable number of animes accessible on the site organized one after another in order for simple access.

2. Masterani

Masterani is a main anime webpage and is another great option for alternative sites for KissAnime to stream English Dubbed anime on the web. It has in excess of more than 3000 complete and most recent anime in HD quality. User Interface of Masterani is quite good which is exceptionally simple to utilize.

3. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is one of the most superb and is another great option to KissAnime alternative sites. This site has all the substance what you need and is the one-stop goal for manga where you can use for observing top notch anime in context of dramatization and episodes.

4. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is a standout one of the most superb and is another great option to KissAnime alternative sites. It is a lawful website and has a wide assortment of anime of all genres. AnimeLab really makes it the ideal spot to satiate your desire for anime.

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5. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is a well-known elective and another great option to KissAnime alternative sites which you can use to get your preferred anime show. It is an awesome site that you can visit to satisfy all your anime requests and read the manga.

6. Crunchyroll

One of the greatest and most famous Anime sites like KissAnime alternative sites is Crunchyroll. It also offers subbed and dubbed with very easy user interface to stream and download anime videos.

7. 9Anime

9Anime is one of the best and another great option to Kissanime alternative sites. It offers subbed and dubbed with very stress-free user interface to watch and download anime videos. This site has all the substance what you need and is the one-stop goal for manga and anime episodes.

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Where to watch free anime now?

With Kissanime being down you still have various other options to stream and download anime movies and episodes like 9Anime, GoGoanime , Masterani , Animal-Planet, Anime-Lab, AnimeFreak, Crunchyroll etc.

Wrapping Up With

Hopefully, this post from Techbhay has made every anime fan around the globe happy. After the ban on, every one of us was in deep trauma. To help our community, we have wrapped up the best alternatives of for the latest anime shows. Stay Tuned to Techbhay.

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