Top 10 Tech YouTube Channels in India

Best Tech YouTube Channels

These days blogging came to be a trending business in India and in many other countries. Whatever the blogging type is, either text blogging or video blogging. Nowadays, video bloggers as well as YouTube channels are increasing in a tremendous manner. These days, YouTube is considered as one of the most hot-selling social media platforms. You can search any type of videos over there. Here we are going to talk about some famous tech YouTube channels. 

Tech related YouTube channels upload the videos related to the information about technical devices, their uses and critiques. It’s not easy to tell which one of the tech youtube channel is supportive and best. We enlisted some of the famous tech youtube channels and their basic information related to them.

Without wasting lots of time, let dive into the main topic about some top tech YouTube channels in India.

1. Technical Guruji

Possessor – Gaurav Chaudhary

Language – Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber – No

Location – Dubai

Subscribers – 18.9M

Videos – 3.2k

Most of the watchers call Gaurav Chaudhary as Technical Guruji. He lives in Dubai. Besides a video blogger, he is a professional engineer and media marketer. 

He produces videos mostly in Hindi language which are remarkable and liked by the critics most. He initiated his YouTube channel on 18th October, 2015.

2. Geekyranjit 

Possessor – Ranjit Kumar

Language – English

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Location – Hyderabad 

Subscribers – 3.05M

Videos – 2.8k

Most of the watchers call Ranjit Kumar as Geekyranjit. Geekyranjith YouTube channel is one of the most seen tech channel in India. Ranjit is an Indian technical master from Hyderabad, who provides reviews and ideas about Products/Gadgets and Smartphones that we use in our everyday life. Besides a video blogger, he is a software engineer. He initiated his YouTube channel on 6th January, 2011.

3. C4ETech 

Possessor – Ashwin or Asu

Language – English

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Location – Chennai

Subscribers – 1.79M

Videos – 2.7k

The owner of C4ETech is Ashish, who is also known as Ash, a Chennaiate. His YouTube videos are mostly based on SmartPhone and Android. At C4ETech one can find out about the New Smartphone Unboxing, Reviews, App Reviews, Gadgets Reviews and significantly more.

He initiated his YouTube channel on 20th March, 2007

4. Sharmaji Technical 

Possessor – Praval Sharma

Language – Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Location – Delhi

Subscribers – 1.7M

Videos – 3.1k

Praval Sharma known as Sharmaji Technical. He is from Delhi. Sharma expended his time on earth as an architect before turning into a YouTube character in the IT area. He enlightened as a specialized architect at Ericsson. He additionally functioned as an Application Specialist at ABB ISDC before starting up his own YouTube channel. Sharmaji Technical is the first YouTube Channel which started innovation news, audits and a lot more innovation related posts advances in the Hindi language. Sharmaji Technical was begun on 26th March 2008.

5. iGyaan 

Possessor – Praval Sharma

Language – English

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Subscribers – 1.01M

Videos – 1.9k

iGyaan a YouTube Techno direct was established in 2010 by Bharat Nagpal with a straightforward plan to disentangle innovation for the regular client. iGyaan is today one of the nation’s biggest tech stages with a great many month to month adherents. iGyaan is the video blog variant of tech-blog – — that offers audits on cell phones, tablets, cameras, Headphones, games, just as all the tech-happenings in India. It began on nineteenth June 2010 and has 972k+ supporters. 

6.  Gadgets to use 

Possessor – Abhisek Bhatnagar

Language – Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Location – Delhi

Subscribers – 997K

Videos – 4.7k

Bhatnagar is a Professional Blogger and an Independent Web Consultant, has his YouTube channel where he attempts to keep steady over the innovation and strives much every cell phone, tablets and other innovation gadgets that come in the customer space. He has worked for different IT organizations before beginning his YouTube adventure. Bhatnagar quit his place of employment to open an innovation media distribution called Technixmedia which has a few online journals, sites and web administrations. 

7. My Smart Support

Possessor – Dharmendra

Language – Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Location – Patna

Subscribers – 1.22M

Videos – 1k

Dharmendra Kumar is a very famous  Indian tech YouTuber. He belongs to a rural village of Bihar. On the channel My Smart Support, you can get videos related to Adsense, YouTube, Web Development, App Development and many more.

8. Techno Ruhez 

Possessor – Ruhez Amrelia

Language – Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Location – Mumbai

Subscribers – 2.58M

Videos – 2.6k

Techno Ruhez a YouTube channel by Mumbai based youthful tech Ruhez Amrelia, where he shares tech recordings and tech news recordings. His channel was inaugurated on 8th January 2015. At Techno Ruhez you become acquainted with the Daily Tech News alongside cell phone Reviews, Unboxing, Gadgets Reviews, where Ruhez gives all of you the specialized updates of the day.

9. Technical Sagar 

Possessor – Abhisek Sagar

Language – Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Location – Delhi

Subscribers – 2.5M

Videos – 1.4k

Abhishek Sagar is a very famous Delhi based Indian ethical hacker, and YouTube character, He is well known for his YouTube specialized channel Technical Sagar and his second YouTube Channel Sagar Ki Vani. Abhishek Sagar designed a Quick Hacking Course for Beginners of 14 Days. At Technical Sagar you will discover recordings and data in regards to Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, alongside blogging, WordPress on its channel, just as about innovation related realities.

10.  Technical Dost 

Possessor – Hitesh Kunar

Language – Hindi

Full-Time YouTuber – Yes

Location – Delhi

Subscribers – 1.89M

Videos – 866

Hitesh Kumar is a Delhi based tech individual. Despite the fact that his YouTube channel additionally manages Smartphone Reviews, Internet Knowledge Trending Tech Update, Tech News, what makes it diverse is the interesting style wherein Hitesh Kumar presents the recordings that everybody admires.

Bhay’s Conclusion 

I hope you will like this post and it will help you to know about some tech YouTube channels in India. And you can easily search for the videos you are looking for.