Best Apps For Travelers In India – Hotel, Food, Cabs

apps for travelling in india

India is a land of diverse landforms and cultures and in 2019 almost 30 Million tourists travelled to India from across the globe, so if you are planning a trip to India we are here to make your trip easier by suggesting you some app that will definitely make your life easier in India. India is more technologically advance that you think and if you are worried and confused about which apps to use for while touring in India, then you have visited the right page. 

Here, we’ve come up with some best Travel, Food, Hotel apps which you can use while you are planning to visit some amazing places in India. We have spent a lot of hours researching the best travel apps for traveling in India. If you are planning to visit Some Famous Tourist Destinations or wants a little adventure by exploring Rural or some remote place in India then these apps will make your travel “smoother then silk”.

So, First Let’s With best travel Guide Apps In India.

India Travel Smart Guide by Triposo

Triposo app is one of the best apps for booking travel in India. It introduces itself as Your Smart Travel Instructor. It is pretty geeky as well, it takes free data from online sources like Wikipedia, Wikitravel, OpenStreetMaps, and arranges it in one spot. 

There are classifications for Cities, National Parks, Islands, and Regions. 

You can discover events like Tours, Multi-day visits, Activities, and Day trips. 

There’s additional, however, probably the best thing about this is if you can utilize it disconnected. So on the off chance that you would prefer not to get global information charges and don’t have a nearby SIM card, this could be an extraordinary method to become familiar with India’s objections. 

Best Apps For Booking Hotel In India

1. is the best app for booking inns in India.

It’s an exhausting choice, I know, yet we as a whole need a spot to lay our head. The way that you can get your cashback so near your booking date makes this the best travel application for India or for far off nations. 

I’ve generally utilized the application to book my rooms, and I’ve discovered the lodgings to be what I was anticipating. 

2. Airbnb

Airbnb is the best travel app for booking rooms in India. The cost of the rooms is affordable and well-organized. You will get the luxurious rooms with all the aspects you need to stay.

You can remain in somebody’s home, the costs are sensible, and there are some odd choices. 

3. Make My Trip

You can accomplish such a great deal with this application – book your flight, transport, train, taxis, and lodgings. Like Expedia, if you book accommodation and a flight, you can get limits. 

They’ve likewise added some new sections to get a vacationer visa. You can discover homes and palaces on the off chance that you need to choose an unexpected alternative in comparison to Airbnb. 

 4. OYO Rooms

Oyo resembles, which is best for booking rooms in India. You’ll book lodgings, yet all the places will have comparable pleasantries and services regardless of where you go. You’ll have: 

  • Cooler
  • AC, TV 
  • Clean cloths 
  • Free breakfast 
  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • Clean restrooms 
  • Complimentary toiletries. 

Best Apps For Ticket booking In India – Flights, Trains, Buses.

1. Paytm

Paytm application for booking tickets, hotels, ordering foods, etc. in India.

It is the Venmo of India. It is an Indian online advanced wallet application. 

There are a few exchanges you can not make as an outsider in India. For instance, you can’t accept a train ticket without any problem. You can’t take care of your utility tabs on the web. 

You can utilize this apparatus to repay a nearby companion or guide on the off chance that they book your tickets for you or take care of your tab. 

A few organizations acknowledge this as installment too, if you search for the little sign close to the sales register. 

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Best App For Hiring Taxi Drivers In India – For Local & Interstate Rides

1. Uber

Uber app is the best for booking travel in India.

What’s incredible about Uber is the fixed value, you can evade the taxi tricks and the higher costs. 

The issues with Uber are real stuff you’ll discover in India by and large. 

You can use this app, leaving the airport when you arrive and for dropping to your destination.

2. Ola Cabs

Poster Boy of India's Startup Ecosystem Becomes a Part of Ola's Impeccable  Journey

It is another Uber app in India. At the point when you download the application, you can get half off rides. 

If you are in the air terminal, they have a spot to get got, so this could be a superior choice than Uber (I’m suspicious, however, knowing how it runs in India. It’s most likely a sign in a parking garage that the driver doesn’t think about;). 

The plan is like Uber. You can likewise get hourly bundles, various stops, booking, full circle trips. 

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Best Apps For Ordering Food In India

1. Travelkhana

Travelkhana, Ahmednagar - Food Delivery In Trains - Justdial

Travelkhana app is best for ordering food in India. 

It resembles Uber Eats, in case you’re on a train. However, What an incredible business thought! 

It’s a 24-hour conveyance service that will deliver food, in case you’re looking out for a train. Some yearning group banded together with eateries close to the stations and made an application; you hold up before taking off to your next objective. 

2. Zomato

Zomato - Wikipedia

Zomato application for booking travel in India. It’s a 24-hour conveyance service that will deliver food in a short time. 

On the positive side, it’s one of the most prominent food conveyance applications, so their costs are acceptable. 

3. Swiggy

Indian Restaurateur — The Swiggy Story | by The Indian Restaurateur | Medium

Swiggy app is best for ordering food in India.

Like Zomato, this is the neighbourhood food delivering application where I reside. Moreover, you can get delicious and hygienic food at reasonable prices.


Hence, we discussed some of the best travel apps in India, and we request to try these apps. However, I hope you will enjoy the services offered by these apps. If you like this post and think that this blog post is helpful for you, then feel free to drop a message in our comment box.