Top Best Android OS for pc 32 bit or 64 bit in 2020 download:

Android Os For pc

Android is currently one of all the favored operating systems obtainable for little hand-held devices like smartphones to huge TVs. However, this good OS somewhere still lacking behind after we refer to computers or portable computer computers. It’s a conclusion of Android-primarily specified for smartphones. Although there are few sensible emulators obtainable, those allow you to nearly install the robot OS on the Windows software package, however not on a blank machine-like Bluestack and Memu. Moreover, you’ll use the Virtual Machines to use the robot OS for each Windows ten or UNIX computer to expertise it before putting in it as your primary OS.

Best humanoid os for computer in 2020:

This article will say the free/opensource & best humanoid OS (in operation systems) for the computer for each sixty-four bit & 32-bit systems.

Android-x86 Project – Run golem on your computer

When it involves run the most recent golem OS for computer, then the golem-x86 is one of the most effective ASCII text files Android comes offered for the computer. Android-x86 OS project presents friendly ISO pictures for each 64-bit, and 32-bit pc systems. Suppose you’re on the point of install the golem OS on some recent computer. In that case, it has suggested transferring the 32-bit version, the most recent golem OS they provide, whereas putting this on ink article was golem oreo cookie. The users will develop a bootable USB drive utilizing Android-x86 to operate it literally from the boot.

Some of its supportive factors are 64-bit and 32-bit kernel and userspace and accessible GLE three.x hardware pace for Intel/AMD/Nvidia. This robot OS for laptop is an Associate in Nursing ASCII text file project authorized underneath antelope General Public License (GPL), a pair of.0 or later.

Download: Android-x86 for laptop

  • Phoenix OS- automaton OS for laptop:

It is another best Android-PC based mostly package with a far familiar interface that’s simple to use because the Windows ten. The Phoenix OS’s existing edition is anticipated on automaton seven.1. It supports the keyboard and mouse within the same approach as we tend to use within the Windows, macOS, or UNIX system PCs. It also options several retro options like desktop, multiwindow, mouse, keyboard operation, etc.

Furthermore, Phoenix supports road keys like Ctrl+C, Win+D, Alt+Tab, and Alt+F4. Besides standard peripheral devices support, it also has the LAN compatibility to get AN informatics address mechanically and manually put together informatics, DNS, gateway, etc. 

It would definitely work for changing similar apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

  • BlissOS

BlissOS computerization programming bundle created by a group, exertion of different designers like Chainfire, CM/LineageOS, Android-x86, Jide, and others. The BlissOS has basically created your x86-based devices that grasp desktops, laptops, tablets, producer boards, and a great undertaking a lot. It favors each BIOS/CSM and UEFI boot.

The structures of the BlissOs is familiar with computer, MacBooks, and Chromebooks. It also favors CPUs from Intel and AMD, and GPUs from Intel, AMD, or Nvidia.

  • OpenThos automaton OS

OpenThos is that the automaton-based software will offer a full-fledged Android X 86 expertises on the laptop with different apps and functions. It’s supported free and ASCII text file (Foss) automaton OS known as Android-X86. The bottom of each laptop automaton in operating systems is that the same looks and feels different. The OpenThos appearance is skilled with Windows 10, like Taskbar, My pc icon, and right facet notification panel.

  • PrimeOS

It’s basically an Android-based Operating System for Laptop/PC. It’s conjointly supported the opensource humanoid x 86 projects. It allows you to expertise humanoid with an entire desktop interface. PrimeOS supports the complete humanoid application scheme with the multiwindow feature.

PrimeOS is additionally equipped with a critical mapping tool that enables you to set humanoid games controls to keyboard/mouse. Currently, play any humanoid game on any computer and build the best score ever. It will convert your computer into a humanoid Machine with far higher expertise than a person.

The System requirements for PrimeOS are: 

It aids a good vary of Intel/AMD primarily established processors each 32-bit & 64-bit information system and UEFI & heritage boot. 

The lowest RAM it prefers is 2GB and the minimum storage of 6GB. 

PrimeOS humanoid project for computer 32 and 64 bit.


These are some of the best Android Operating System for your PC. You can download it in both 32 bit and 64 bit PC. I hope, this blog post will be helpful for you to choose the best Android operating system for my PC.

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