Best KineMaster Alternatives

Best kinemater alternative apps

KineMaster is a video editing application designed for Android, iPad, and iOS. Using this program, you can make necessary edits in your video, including adding text, images, background music, and a lot more. You can use advanced skills like video effects, audio effects, and 3D transitions. Unfortunately, the KineMaster is not available for the Windows PC version. 

Here are the best alternatives for the KineMaster video editing application 

  • Movavi Video Editor 

Once you open the Movavi Video Editor, you will admire the drag and drop options available in it. It supports Windows and Mac. You are a first time user of this application, then take the free trial version. For trimming and video cutting, you can drag and drop the files in the Movavi Video Editor. It will make your top-notch video. Therefore, it is the best alternative to the KineMaster video editor. Movavi is a multipurpose tool that supports many languages. There are many readymade templates available in it. Movavi program will edit and then create top-notch videos that you can post on Facebook and YouTube. 

  • NCH VideoPad 

NCH VideoPad will give satisfactory results if you want basic editing for your video. It is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. Furthermore, a free trial of this application is available. You get the basic features of unlimited audio, video editing, video stabilization, and 4k resolution. This application’s limitations include that it does not in-built templates, and you have to design every video from scratch. Still, beginners will not find this program useful for editing their initial videos.

  • TechSmith Camtasia 

Camtasia comes with the twin benefits of screen recorder and video editing. Just like KineMaster, you can record the video and start it’s editing immediately. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to master if you want to make a video and edit it on the same software. TechSmith Camtasia provides complete effect control, and 4K video support features it. However, it does not have a high-quality video recorder. With video editing, you can design high-quality video tutorials and then post them on YouTube. In Camtasia, you get the Powerpoint added supplement. This format is useful for college professors to organize their lectures in college. For new users, the free trial feature is available in Camtasia. 

  • DaVinci Resolve 15

DaVinci Resolve 15 video editing software is suitable for Windows platforms. You get a free and premium version in it. For the studio version, you have to pay fees. This video editing software’s primary features include 4K Ultra HD resolution, visual effects, motion graphics, color correction, and Resolve FX tools. You are using DaVinci Resolve 15; then, it helps improve your video editing skills in the future. 

  • CyberLink PowerDirector 

Are you looking for an advanced alternative to KineMaster? Then, CyberLink PowerDirector is a perfect option for you. Due to its advanced editing skills, it is not a useful tool for beginners. It allows you to do 360 degrees of video editing. Many tutorials available help you to use CyberLink PowerDirector. You can check them and then start using this video editor. It is functional on the Windows software on the free trial and paid version. 

  • Pinnacle Studio Editing 

Pinnacle Studio Editing is a suitable video editing for its clean user interface. You can upload the file, title editor, video sharing and management; add video effect, 3D modeling, and cross-platform. It is a useful video editing tool as it is easy to use. Additionally, it supports multiple languages like English, Italian, French, and Japanese. It supports only the Windows desktop platform. 

  • Lightworks 

Lightworks does good video and image management. You can use it on desktop platforms like Mac and Windows. This video editing application is available on monthly and yearly fee payment modes. Lightworks support three languages English, Turkish and Polish. Its features are a clean user interface, video trim and slice, upload audio and video files, title editor, add slow motion and other video effects. Many animation in-built features are available in Lightworks video editing software. This application is suitable for freelance video editors, small-scale business houses, and startups.

  • OpenShot 

OpenShot is among the best video editing software that supports Windows and Mac platforms. It is simple and easy to learn how to use the OpenShot Video Editor. The features are limitless data handling, title editing, 3D animation themes, keyframes, user interface, and cross-platform aids. However, it supports only the English language. 


KineMaster may be the top choice of iOS and Android users. Still, you don’t get its top-notch video editing techniques in Windows and Mac platforms. Therefore, there are many alternatives to KineMaster like Movavi Video Editor and NCH VideoPad. You can use them and get all essentials features required for making a professional video for YouTube. You can get a free trial to keep the video editing software functioning. 

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