14 Best Sites For Learning Free Coding Online | [UPDATED 2021]

best websites for learning programming

If you have made your mind about starting your journey as a coder then you are on right track you have completed you first task of finding this article below we have listed some of the best websites through which you easily learn free coding online and after making a simple account you can instantly start learning coding. But before that lets also talk quickly about some career aspects and why coding is right choice for you.

A person who writes code is often referred as a developer or a coder in 21st century working as a developer is one of the most rewarded and trending job titles. On average you can make around 150,000$ working as a Data Scientist in US. (Source Hired)

So you see there is enormous room for growth as well as considering future prospects its a right choice. One of the best thing i personally like about coding is that it’s really simple to learn, I myself comes from a programming background so I can vouch for my words. Stepping into the world of programming you will gradually learn that you can almost do anything possible with the help of coding languages from making apps that makes people lives easier to crating a AI powered bot that helps users choose products online.

Coding is used in almost all technologies by which people interact in their everyday life. Even your silly microwave has some piece of JAVA code inside it. So programming language are not only used for making apps and websites it is also used in communicating with household products or machines like Washing Machines, Vacuum cleaner etc.

How To Choose Right Programming Language?

There is plenty of programming language like Ruby, Python, Scala, PHP, C++, and Perl, etc. Literally there are hundreds of programming languages now so its really important to choose the right learning curve but don’t worry ill help you decide how you can choose right language for right job. Because for example html is used in making website but you can also make website’s in Python which is high level language it all comes down to you functionality and your preference so if you still haven’t decided which coding language you should start with check out this article by Treehouse :- How to Choose a Programming Language.

14 Free Sites To Learn Programming Online

Now its time to talk about free coding websites

1. KhanAcademy (Best In Free)

The best thing about KhanAcademy is this its a non-profit educational organization it was created in 2008 by Sal Khan. This website courses ranges from Arts and craft to programming courses literally you can find all types of tutorial with projects in this website and you dont have to worry about if the courses are outdated because they regularly update the tutorials according to the latest language updates.

Our Verdict : Its a great site for beginners having some coding experience as you can directly work on small projects. In my opinion working on projects gives you best understanding of language functionality.

2. Coursera (Best For Online Degree)

Created by 2 professors from Stanford university coursera offers a wide spectrum of tutorials from free to paid ones. Though you can get most tutorials for free but if you want a certification you would’ve to pay the course fee. You can find coding-based course resources taught by professors and tutorials that are upto current industry standards. Some of the popular courses offered by coursera are Python, C language, Java, IoT programming and introduction to programming, etc.

Our Verdict :- Use this website if you are in need to a certification and you are willing to spare few bucks.

NOTE :- Currently coursers is offering courses as cheap as 2$.

3. W3Schools (Best For Beginners)

Among all popular sites, it is one of the most popular site amongst beginners it offers learning coding online for absolutely free only downside is there are no video tutorials but if you are fine with learning by reading we recommend you this website. Millions of people use this platform to learn to coding. You can find courses ranging from web development to android development in w3schools website. I personally used this website to learn basics of many programming languages like – HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, NODEjs etc.

4. edX

It is an open-source higher education platform for learning code online. Here the languages are learned by seeing the tutorials and the main languages are Java, HTML, CSS, and plenty of others. More than 5 million students are using the same platform.

5. Codewars

Well, it uses a series of challenges to teach the students desired programming languages. Here, the target of every challenge is to enhance your existing skills through the use of a programming language or which you can learn from scratch.

6. Code.org

It is used by the people to enhance their programming skills and knowledge. It is created for the goal of making programming a major part of the education curriculum. In this platform, one can find plenty of large catalog courses too.

7. Udemy

It’s one of the best among all other sites online that allow learning to code online. It offers thousands of courses to choose from. Also, here one can find the best and paid courses too. It helps you in learning Game development, eCommerce site creation, and game development, etc.

8. Free Code Camp

It is mainly for creating the building community around programming education and real-life relationships. Here in this platform, one can get a chance governing coding by participating in various challenges.

9. Code conquest

It’s the best for the beginners as it helps in learning the basics of coding. So, if you are new to coding then you should choose as it helps you in learning coding-free from the beginning with great concepts.

10. The Odin Project

Users of the same platform don’t have to perform the guesswork when learning web development. The main languages here are JavaScript, Databases, and many others too.

11. Bitdegree

Bitdegree purveys student with tones of free coding courses for game development. There are other standard programming courses available except the Gamified courses.

But for the people crazy for the gamified course this is the place for you guys. Bitdegree also even helps you understand the mechanism of the blockchain in between the learning process, which is one of the unique feature of the website.

There are a medley of programming language covered in courses, but these are some of the most popular amongst them

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • SQL
  • PHP

12. Bento.io

It ensures that here you find all that information which is required for learning coding in the beginning. 

13. Code avengers

It is quite an interesting platform to learn code. Here, you find plenty of interesting topics to learn what you want. 

14. Solo learn

It’s one of the best platforms for beginners. Here, they can learn CSS, Python HMTL, and many others.


All these are the major 14 platforms or sites for learning coding online for free. The more reputed or perfect platform students choose the better results they get. 

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