Top 10 best download manager for your Windows

download manager

Download manager is a type of software which helps to download file very easily via internet. So, today we talk about Top 10 best download manager for your Windows. Let’s start it:-


About:-On 19 January, 2011, Jdownloader is finally released.  This download manager is written in Java. Platform of Jdownloader is  Java platforms and standard edition. It works on Microsoft Windows, Linus and Mac OS operating system.  You can easily download and install it on your operating system.

Features:-The best feature of this download manager is they automatically download a group of files just in one click. And it automatically extracts the RAR archive. Many of the peoples feel discomfort during captcha filling, but this download manager fills your captcha automatically with their OCR module. 

Internet Download Manager:-

About:-This great download manager is also known by their short form I.e. IDM.  IDM is owned by Tones which is an American company. IDM is written in C, C++ language.  It runs on Windows 7 and later operating system. The platform of IDM is IA-32, ×64.  You can easily download it and its size is about 7mb.

Features:-It is available in 15languages. Many proxy servers are supported by Internet Download Manager. IDM allows their users to customize IDM main windows on their own basis. IDM automatically store downloaded file on the basis of their category. It protects download file to the virus by scanning the virus automatically.

Free Download Manager:-

About:-It is released in the year of 2004. It is written only in C++ language. It works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and on Android. It is also a type of BitTorrent client. It is also available in many languages.

Features:-This download manager can easily resume broken downloading. It can boost your downloading speed. And the best features of this is that this is a free application. It makes download easily because it uses the BitTorrent protocol.

Microsoft Download Manager:-

About:- This was published by Microsoft company. The releasing date of this awesome download manager is 2011. It works on Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, Vista, XP. The size of this download manager is very small, approximately 1.7 MB, so you can easily download it.

Features:-This download manager is very popular in the Windows store.  You can easily pause and resume during downloading. If there is an error occurring during downloading then this automatically solve it. Microsoft company is a brand, so you can do trust on this download manager.

SD Download Manager:-

About:-The developer of this download manager is Sajjad Tanha. Sajjad Tanha releases this on 10 February 2015. This was written in It works on Microsoft Windows operating system. In English, Persian and Italian languages this download manager is available.

FeaturesHTTP, HTTPS and FTS protocols exist supported in this download manager.  It helps to download files faster because it divides download into. multiple streams. It is agreeable with all types of Internet.  You can schedulee the timing of download.  This download manager give you customization of your user interface.


About:-The developers of this download manager is located in China. The releasing date of this download manager is on August 6, 2003. It was written in C++.  It runs on Windows 2000 and later operating system. It is  totally available in 52 languages.

Features:-You can preview the video before download it. This download manager provide many modern techniques for download files vastly like it provide magnetic link, seeding of HTTP, DHT tracks and many more. You hard drive is less harm during read and write data in  huge amounts.

Internet Download Accelerator:-

About:-The name of the owner of this download manager is WestByte Software. And this is release on 2 December, 2002. It is written in Delphi. For running this you must have Microsoft Windows.

Features:-It provide maximum speed for downloading files. You can preview your ZIP or RAR files before downloading them by using this download manager. You can download any video by using this like you can download all types of YouTube videos.


About:-Trend Media Co. Ltd. developed this download manager. The releasing date is on May 17, 2013. For using this you must have Microsoft Windows. It is also a type of BitTorrent client.

Features:-Multiple locations for downloading files technique is used by this download manager. HTTP, FTP, Microsoft media services, RTSP protocols are supported in it.

Download Accelerator Plus:-

About:-The developer of Download Accelerator Plus is SpeedBit. On October 29,2013, it was released. For using this you must have either Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X.  In these three categories are available such as DAP free, DAP premium and DAP for mac.

Features:-You can convert your video into Mp3. It also does a preview of ZIP files before downloading them. You can completely check information on your files before downloading them. It provides safety for downloading items.

Download Manager:-

About:-Optimilia Studios develop this download manager. You can use it only on Windows 10.

Features:-You can do pause or resume during downloading. It uses multiple numbers of strings for fast downloading. You can recover downloading error fastly. This provides huge knowledge about your files. You can manage the schedule of downloading.


In the above article, we talk about the Top 10 best download manager which is good for you. I hope this article helps you a lot.