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Anime series are one of the most entertaining things people spend their time watching. Anime fans are not extended to some age groups—people of all age groups worldwide like to watch anime movies and series. Big anime platforms like Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation made quite a lot of money from this. But everybody can’t afford these pricey platforms, so here come into play the free anime platforms like Kissanime official Website. Kissanime is one of the most infamous websites among anime enthusiasts.

Piracy websites such as kissanime led the Paid platform like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation and creator of these anime to a significant loss, which led to the government taking strict action against them. And after providing fans with the latest and trendy anime and manga, at last on 14 August, the pirated site shut down. Soon after, Revised copyright law in the Japanese parliament led to the taking down of all the files of Kissanime. Shutting down Kissanime broke a lot of anime fans’ hearts. With the shutdown of Kissanime, a lot of scamming websites made anime fans fool out of them. But you don’t need to worry after going through this article to the end. We are sure that you will find the solution to the problem.

Soon after the shutdown of the Official kissanime Website, Various imposters started emerging. And the news begins to circulate on the internet soon after the shutdown of Official Kissanime, that this is the Kissanime Official Website, which made some of these sites famous. But Official Kissanime ended with .ru and was taken down by its creators due to Copyright Policies and never returning. Fans are going crazy from where to watch anime now. We have made the list of the Proxy of kissanime.

Proxy Website of KissAnime

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Best Alternative Website Of kissanime

Soon after the closure of Kissanime, Anime Enthusiasts started searching alternative websites for kissanime. There are many piracy websites like kissanime. But the problem is some are ban in some countries and some in some. Anime Enthusiasts are searching for a website with the updated anime list and a massive collection of anime series like kissanime. We have found some of the oldest and Best Alternative Of Kissanime favorites of all time to watch anime series for free.

Top 12 Similar/alternative Websites of Kissanime

  1. GoGoAnime
  2. Chia-anime
  3. 9anime
  4. Anime Freak
  5. A-Z interface
  6. Anime land
  7. Anime lab
  8. AnimeTV
  9. Anime planet
  10. AnimeFrenzy
  11. Anilinkz
  12. Masterani

Some of the recommended Website 


Chia-anime is one of the oldest anime websites, and the site has a massive collection of anime series in Hd Quality for free. To watch anime, you don’t need to register yourself. All you need is to browse the anime title and watch. You can watch the latest episodes of popular anime as soon as they air in japan in sub. Chia-anime has a staunch navigation system that keeps you in a loop to the hottest and latest trendiest anime show everyone is looking out to. In addition to that, you can also read the manga. Chia-anime is a secure website, so don’t need to worry.


Gogoanime is one of the oldest and top-rated streaming websites for anime fanatics to watch anime series and movies for free in HD quality. The website has a simple navigation system; you can easily find the ongoing series, trending anime series, and the hottest of them all. You can find the dubbed versions of anime series as well there. But the exciting part is that you can request for anime series and anime movies.

Gogoanime has a massive collection of anime shows and movies. New anime are regularly uploaded as soon as they are released on Japanese tv. It is one of the best alternative websites to kissanime officials. The website is secure and safe to use and doesn’t need registration to watch shows.


9anime is one of the major platforms for the anime fanatics since the shutdown of kissanime because of the similar feature like kissanime. 9anime is a hub for many people as the site has a massive collection of dubbed and subbed anime series and movies available for people to watch. The site has a simple UI; you can easily find the ongoing and hottest anime show listed on the website. New episodes are uploaded from time to time, subbed by the fans of the latest anime shows.

You can also find the schedule of the newest release of episodes of your favorite TV shows. And don’t need to register your email id to watch the show, which is the better part. The homepage of 9anime is similar to kissanime, making it one of the best alternatives to kissanime.

A-Z interface

A-z interface website has a friendly user interface, which makes HubSpot for anime, TV, and movie devotees worldwide. The site provides its users with a vast collection of anime series, TV shows, manga, and Movies. You can even find Dubbed and Subbed versions of the new dramas and anime shows just released on the A-z interface. It might not be the best alternative of kissanime, but might be a good competitor of Netflix as it provides its users with massive entertaining shows and movies. The site has the best video quality of shows and movies. The best part of the site is finding yourself the list of upcoming and ongoing schedules of the presentations and movies. You don’t need to register yourself to watch shows and movies. 

Anime land

Anime land is considered one of the best anime websites because of the vast collection of anime shows. The site is a hub of the latest anime shows and anime movies. The interface of the website is amicable in comparison to the competitors of the website. And the site also has the subbed and dubbed anime available on the website. And the quality of the episode is HD. The good part is that you don’t have to register or sign up on a website. The website is very secure for a watch.

Anime lab

Anime lab is kind of a similar site to that of kissanime and features. The site has a simple UI design you can make out through the ongoing, trending, popular, and the hottest series going at that time. All the episodes available are in HD quality. The good part is that you don’t need to sign up to the website to watch the shows. 

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Anilinkz is one of the most visited by anime enthusiasts because of continuous updating. There are many English dubbed shows available on the site with a wide variety of anime categories. As soon as the episode and shows release on Japanese TV, updates are made on the website. You can easily find the ongoing, new, and hottest episodes available on the website. The website is entirely free, which makes it one of the best alternatives to kissanime. You didn’t need to sign-up or register to watch the website.


Masterani is one of those sites on which anime enthusiasts love to spend ample time streaming anime. The site has a real simple navigation system people won’t find difficult searching for ongoing, trending, and popular anime shows. The creators have kept homepage features very you will update on the latest episode of your previous watch season. But you do need a flash player in your Pc to watch the episode. And the site doesn’t require you to sign-up to watch the show. That is one of the right parts which make it one of the best alternatives of Kissanime.

Anime Freak

Anime Freak is the website for you if you are looking for a large variety of anime shows. The site offers over 10k of anime shows, and the meter is still running and all that for free. Even if you are looking for the classic anime show, this is the place you will find it. That is why it is listed as one of the best alternatives to Kissanime. The creators update the new episode and new shows as they are released on the Japanese tv in subbed. You can even find Dubbed versions of the anime shows here. You can enjoy everything for free and don’t even need to register or sign-up for watching anime shows.

Anime Planet

Anime-Planet is another excellent option for watching Anime online. The KissAnime alternative website offers a unique interface to make the browsing experience better. The home page has a list of recommendations, including the newest and most popular Anime today. Browse through Anime by a range of filters, including genre. The website has a massive collection of Anime, including old, new, subbed, and dubbed Anime. You could jump straight into the content, but if you wanted to improve your experience, even more, you can create an account. Having an account gives you the option to do things like creating a watch list and get better recommendations. Outside of the occasional pop-up ad, this is a great place to enjoy Anime.


AnimeFrenzy is another site similar to KissAnime that provides a wide selection of anime series. Like other anime websites, it is updated with the latest anime series, and the database is updated every day. The site also has an American cartoon series in its library, which makes it versatile. The contents are also well organized for faster sorting, and the home page is clear of objectionable materials. Also, it has a “Random” button, which provides a random Anime suggestion for people who do not know what to watch. The site also has an android app that is downloadable from the Play Store, so whenever the need to wait Anime comes, it just within arms reach. With its diverse content, the site is sure to be a hit with many anime lovers. While watching, you can also communicate with other Anime lovers who are re-watching the same series on the page using the chatroom.

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