Pubg Mobile ESP Hack Apk – Unlimited Health, No Root 🍳 [UPDATED]

Pubg Mobile ESP Hack ApkPubg Mobile ESP Hack Apk

Player Unknown Battleground popularly known as PUBG is a multiplayer action battle royal game developed by south korean video company Bluehole first it was released for PC then later on it was released for various devices 🎮 including Android & IOS in 2018 that’s when the story changes, Ever since it was released for mobile devices it has completely overtaken the mobile gaming industry by a storm you’ll hardly see any teen who haven’t played PUBG atleast once. But that’s not what we are here to discuss today in this article we will briefly talk about Pubg ESP Hack and its apk V1.0.180 and above.

Ever since 2018 the release date of pubg for mobile the game has seen extraordinary growth in terms of sheer players numbers and fanbase. Arguably I can say that pubg is the undisputedly the champion of battle royal category in Asia and most of the world if we consider only mobile device.

What Is Pubg Hack ?

Well long story short if you have ever played pubg then you might have come across a player who looks a bit shady and his gameplay is of god level then my friend you have encountered a hacker the esp Pubg Hack and that is what we are going to talk about here is 100% safe and firstly tried and tested by us for 15th Season and everything is working very smoothly without any lag and glitches.

What is ESP Hack ?

ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception as the name suggest esp hack gives you certain powers in games that normal players don’t have like unlimited health pubg you can see players HP, no footsteps are some of the advantages of using pubg esp. Esp gives you more information on game and freedom to play the game as you pleases it works in the principle that which informtaion is generally hidden from the normal player an esp user can eaily view that information and use it to their advantage.

How to hack PUBG mobile on Android Without Root (2021 Updated):

You can play pubg hack simply by downloading and installing our obb files script and esp patcher on your android phone when you play the game, the files that we are providing will be safe to use and you installing the file for testing purposes or for simply other fun purpose and enjoy the game .

Advantages Of Using PUBG Mobile Hacks?

  • Pubg Mobile Wallhack
  • Pubg Automatic Headshots Hack
  • Get Unlimited Bullets
  • Know All Players Location In Pubg
  • Pubg Superman Mode
  • Pubg Unlimited Health
  • Anti-Ban Feature For Non-Rooted Devices
  • Bullets Gives Extra Damage
  • No Footprints Shown To Enemy
  • Give High Damage To Enemies
  • Fly Car In Air

Features Of PUBG ESP Mod Apk Hack :-

  1. Unlimited health Pubg Hack :- While using pubg mod apk you will have unlimited health and you can easily kill any enemy without worrying about your HP no matter how pro is your enemy you will always have edge over him as your health will never drop below 1%.
  2. No Recoil Pubg Mod :- Our PUBG Mobile Mod OBB comes with no recoil feature and as you have seen some of the guns in pubg are hard to control and they have a high recoil using this apk your that problem will be solved and your bullet will only hit the target.
  3. No Grass Or No Trees Mod Obb :- Tress and grass are one of the main components of tactics in pubg and using this feature of obb you can easily remove all obstruction like grass and easily kill all the snakes in the last circle to get the chicken dinner.
  4. Fly Hack :- This is a feature of hack that should be carefully used before activating because it can be easily detected by pubg system and enemy so you have to careful before while playing game.
  5. Pubg Anti-Ban :- One of the best feature of this obb mod apk is its anti ban feature using it your ID will not get banned and you can play game without worrying about getting your ID banned by pubg.

Advantages of Using TechBhay PUBG Hack Obb File :-

  • No Ban issue 100% safe
  • Use Any ID
  • Help Increase Your Friends Tier
  • Fee Of Cost
  • Available For Korean & Global
  • This is not mod apk it is mod obb so no third ban issue
  • It Will Work Till New Season.

How to Download and Install PUBG Mobile Hack ?

Due to continuous updation of file we have switched to providing the links here but instead we will post regularly at our group at Telegram its more convenient for us and you. So instead I ask you to join our group for future updates and more tech news.

In This Article We Will Talk About 3 Methods

Method 1 – PUBG ESP Hack (V1. 0.18 0) :- No Root

Step1 – First of all download and install Virtual Space from here.

Choose between Global & Korean Version

Step2 – Now download Pubg esp Hack tool from here.

Step3 – Now install these Apps and Open Virtual Space In Your Phone.

Step4 – Download Virtual Space App From Here.

Step5 – Now add PUBG Mobile and PUBG ESP hack tool in the Dual space

Step6 – Now open PUBG Mobile from Virual space and open the app.

Step7 – Minimize the PUBG game and open virtual again and open PUBG ESP Hack tool from Virtual Space

Final Step – Now Open PUBG Mobile and enjoy the game.

Method 2 – PUBG ESP Hack With Patch (V1. 0.18 0) : -Root Required

Step1 – Download and install PUBG ESP Root.

Step2 – Open Pubg verison Global or Korean.

Step3 – Open Pubg version and run it background by minimizing it.

Step4 – Now open PUBG ESP Root app and allow root permission.

Step5 – After that it will ask for a secret key type anything random like – (dfjahfgd) and click on Login.

Step6 – After successfull login select your version ( Global or Korea then enjoy the game).

Step7 – Now activate Esp and you are done.

Use Common Precautions To Use While Using This Method :-

  • Avoid aiming at opponent through walls.
  • Don’t shoot at enemies in smoke or fog.
  • Use ‘Visible Only’ features when available.
  • Avoid cheating blatantly when being spectated.
  • Don’t upset other players and get reported.
  • Use private cheats from quality cheat websites.

In a NutShell

To wrap up with the main reason why you should use Pubg Mobile ESP Hack above, as it requires no Rooting the Phone. And Foremost, We’d argue one of the main and simple reasons is the value for money. In my opinion, it is the most amazing Mod as you can buy all the packs and skin without spending a penny. For More Updates stay tune to Techbhay.

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