How to Edit a Pdf for free

How to Edit a Pdf for free

We all are familiar with the term Pdf File. Everybody use this file format for various purposes, whether we want to share a catalog to a client, or a resume to the employer, or any kind of electric documents to be sent to the other party, or to keep our database in a fix but the non-editable format, a different type of people use this format for a different type of purposes.

Pdf is like blood for the corporate world. Every corporation and organization using this format to execute its corporate transactions and keep its database safe and secure.

All around the world the Pdf format being used and trusted by corporations, businesses, and organizations, whether it is a government department or private, pdf help these organizations to work and run their electric database digitally.

What is Pdf:

The pdf was invented by Adobe Acrobat in 1992. PDF documents can contain links and buttons, form fields, audio, video, and business logic. They can be signed electronically and you can easily view PDF files on Windows or Mac OS using the free Acrobat Reader DC software.

Pdfs are all about security:

When you work with electronic documents, it’s important to make protection a part of your routine. You can password-protect your PDF files to prevent others from copying and editing. Redact them to permanently delete sensitive information. And even find and remove hidden data. 

How to edit a Pdf file:

We can edit a pdf file with two different methods. We can edit this file online as well as offline too by using some offline software.

If you want to edit your pdf online:

There are many tools available online, which provides us the free access to edit a pdf file. However, some are paid tools also available there. but on some platforms, it’s totally free to edit your pdf file. We are going to mention some of the free sites available out there so that you can directly use them by a single click. This website provides a facility to edit your pdf file online as well as offline for windows. You can download its offline software and use it offline too. By clicking on the link you will be redirected to this site. All you need to upload your pdf file and choose what you want to edit as per your facilities.

2.Pdfpro: By clicking on the link you will be redirected to the Pdfpro’s webpage, where you can upload your pdf file, and after editing the file, you can easily download the edited pdf file. To edit your pdf file without downloading any software or without any extra effort, will surely be helpful for you. It’s a popular website for online pdf editors. It will help to edit your pdf file very fast. 

By clicking on the link you can visit this site. All you have to do is upload your pdf file and then you can edit your file and download the edited version of your pdf file. For upload, your pdf file, all you have to do is just drag and drop your file to this site, or you can select manually. is also an online platform for pdf file editing tools. By using this online pdf editor tool, we can modify our pdf file by our own choice. By using this tool we can edit as well as compress our file too. To use this free tool click on the link and you will be there to use this tool. is also an online pdf editor tool that you can utilize this without paying any cost. For small pdf files, it’s one of the best pdf editors. It will edit your pdf file very fast and you can quickly download the updated file. Click on the link provided by us to visit this amazing site.

These all were online tools available for pdf files to be edited for free of cost. They provide you fast but easy-to-use tools to edit your file. You can choose whichever tools you like to use as your online pdf editor as per your need.

If you want to edit your pdf file offline:

There are many tools available for offline editing pdf files for the Mac Operating system as well as the Windows Operating system. 

We are going to mention and refer to some offline software in this article and provide you links to download that software for your ease. We will show you some free pdf editor download.

1.Iskysoft PDF editor: By using this offline software and its tools, you can easily edit a PDF file. It’s totally free of costs and it provides many tools, unlike others.

By using this software you can do whatever you want to do with your pdf file, you can merge more than one pdf, you can split a big pdf file into many files, you can edit pdf text and graphics as well, you can change the templates, and if you want to convert your pdf file into a Word file, ppt file, etc. this is going to be the best software for offline users. 

To download this software you can click here and download the file for windows. This software is even available for IOS and android as a mobile application.

2.Pdfescape: Creator of this software also launched an online platform to edit pdf files online without downloading the software. We have already discussed it earlier under the online heading in this article. 

To download this software click here and download it.

3.Icecream pdf editor: Icecream pdf editor is available for both paid users and users who want to use this software for free. If you use this software to edit pdf, you do not need any other software for a different type of pdf task, it will do all the tasks regarding pdf for you.

To download this pdf editor software just click here to download and install this software in your pc.

4.Adobe Acrobat: Adobe acrobat, the developer, and inventor of the pdf file, also providing us free pdf editing tools to edit our pdf file and create a new one. You can download this software by visiting adobe acrobat’s official website.

5.Pdf-Xchange editor: however this software is premium but still it provides us most of the tools to use for free and edit pdf file at no cost. If you want to activate some advanced features you can just buy its premium plans. To download this software just click here.


We have discussed the topic and completed our journey from the origin of the pdf file to edit the pdf file. We have discussed both the options(online tools and offline software) available.

 Hope we have solved your problems and doubts regarding pdf file format and editing it. If you want to share your feedback, please feel free to share it in the comment box.