List of Fastest YIFY Proxies & Mirrors of 2020

Yify proxy

YTS is also known as YIFY Torrents. When it was started, it was regarded as the best torrent group in the world. It was famous for its small, high-quality torrents.

However, it offers safe, clean, and authorized torrents. Its services are specially designed for users with slower internet connections. So, they could download their movies and other things in a short period of time. YTS movies are available with limited bandwidth and can be used by users with fast internet connectivity.

After some time, YTS and YIFY content got obstructed and the organization was closed down. That’s why there are currently available a dozen or more than YIFY proxy sites and mirrors in the market. Here are the best of them.

Here are some of the Best YIFY Proxies for Downloading Torrents

Before using any of these sites, you must make sure that you are employing a VPN service. Let me tell you one thing downloading torrent files isn’t a safe procedure since you can’t recognize which file is threatened by malware and viruses. Hence, VPNs also try their best to hide all of your existing online activities.

Some of the Best YIFY Mirrors for Downloading Torrents

Here are some of the best YIFY mirrors for downloading torrents and streaming movies.

Some of the YIFY mirror links that we’ve spoken of may not serve you. If that’s the issue, you need to just utilize the other links we’ve illustrated or employed a VPN service to alter your location and then aim for the same URL.

If that is not working properly for you, periodically just clear the browser history and the cache. Clearing the cache and browser history can help you to liberate a website when utilizing a VPN.

Mirror Sites vs Proxy Services

Let’s explore one thing which is most important. YIFY proxy sites are totally different from YIFY mirror sites. It’s authentic that the objective of both the YIFY proxy sites and mirror sites are better in their respective. It will help you to get the complete passage to YIFY torrents.

Mirror sites and proxy services both provide around agents that administrative agencies and content providers utilize to impede content uploaded.

That doesn’t indicate that your internet service provider can’t execute anything about it. Since your ISP has to deliver you with a bunch of bandwidth for downloading the torrent files. It vigorously functions to stare for such mirror sites and proxy services and then restricts them as well.

At that point, when you come to know that your ISP has restricted the official site of YIFY proxy, just move towards the mirror sites. If you learn that your YIFY proxy site has been banned, then you must go for another mirror site from the list we have mentioned above.

While you utilize proxy services to approach YTS torrent sites, mirror sites are existing websites that have traced the content of a YTS torrent site. Anyone can launch a mirror site for another website.

But, occasionally the possessors of the primary torrent site put up with themselves to formulate a mirror site. So they can proceed with offering their services if the primary site is obstructed. Other times, the serviceperson speeds up towards mirror sites.

You must be worried to know that YIFY Torrent is safe to use or not.

When the original site was launched, at that time you can simply browse the YIFY site and safely download the content without suspicion. But, since the original site is blocked it’s unsafe to download the content from this YIFY site.

The duplicates of YIFY sites offer real content and other times transfer your appliance with viruses. Therefore, utilize a VPN and a favorable antivirus product before you start downloading anything from YIFY proxy sites and duplicates.


YIFY Torrents was remarkable. Though, its duplicates and mirror sites aren’t as capable as the source. That doesn’t imply you shouldn’t download from them, it just says you should obtain a VPN and have a good internet connection to download the content. You can download the content but it’s illegal to download from the mirror sites.

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