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Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit & Web

Reddit is a collection apparatus for social news and has been on the list of the web for the most searched social media platforms after Facebook for quite a while. It is one of the most well-known tools for social media as of today. It’s an immense online network where anyone no matter what age, gender, and religion or wherever they belong to, they can share their contemplations, thoughts, grievances, complaints, news and other online miscellaneous items.

Reddit helps everyone to stay engage socially and share vital information from all around the globe while reposting something they definitely know amongst different groups. Be that as it may, notwithstanding being so mainstream, its strategy is still very obsolete. There are a few interruptions out there that you may experience and are numerous parts of the site that are not actually very easy to use. In any case, it’s obviously better to invest energy in Reddit than on Facebook or other online destinations.

All in all, we have the absolute 20 best chrome extensions for your browser that would help you in making your Reddit experience way better.

List Of 20 Best Chrome Extensions For Reddit & Web

1. Reddit Companion

Reddit Companion is the best Chrome Extension for Reddit that allows you to share directly from that website page on Reddit. You can simply tap on it and a toolbar will be shown on the top to share the website page on Reddit, after installing the extension on your chrome.

Additionally, there’s one more extension you can use alongside this one that is Reddit Comment Companion which shows you the main 10 remarks when you drift over the remarks connection of a Reddit post.

Best Chrome Extension For Web & Reddit

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2. Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement Suite enhances user experience with its so many modules on Reddit. Some prominent modules give you the ability like Blocking NSFW Content which deliberately helps in filtering out NSFW content, Viewing image and video right on the main page without opening them separately on a new tab, Filtering out Subreddit on the main page, switching between accounts, subscribing to threads posts for new comments on Reddit, tagging users to track any person is known as and when required and never-ending page load to avoid pagination.

3. Reddit Check

Reddit Check sees whether a connection has been given in to Reddit previously or not. So we get to know whether there is a conversation previously progressing or if it’s a new substance and not repost.

This is that type of extension that ought to preferably be made by Reddit itself or joined into Reddit Enhancement Suite, however some way or another it once in a while gets a notice in these sorts of strings.

4. YouTube Ratings Preview

YouTube Ratings Preview can be used to preview the rating of a video as it lets you understand ratings specifically meant on the thumbnail with a notch bar of blue color that never ever gets in the path in any manner.

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Magic Actions on YouTube allows you to avail of an entire load of extra choices while viewing YouTube as per your choice.

5. Https Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is a chrome extensions for Reddit as it is that kind of extension which not only encrypts communications on chrome with any major websites but also in a Firefox and Opera as well. It eventually helps in creating your browsing more protected.

6. Ghostery

Ghostery lets you surf smoother by accessing you with control above the ads and chasing new technologies to hustle uploading time of pages by eliminating the clutter and protecting your precious data.

7. The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender is one of the top plugins as it inevitably restricts tabs that you aren’t been indulging with for a while. It helps you getting back to the desired page where you were initially on once you had to refresh the page.

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 It helps to save the memory of your computers so you never end up overloading it in any manner on browser tabs. It also saves you from having a computer crash or freeze on feeble times.

8. Pixel block

Pixel block helps you in tracking your emails that you have sent by adding a small piece of code at the end of you email. You’d be astonished to know that as a matter of fact there are many trackers in emails these days.

9. Last pass

There are many sites that are feared of getting hacked and scared of getting info stolen or reuse of precious passwords in wrongly doings. The last pass is one of the best chrome extensions for Reddit as it helps in generating protected PINs and gives you an option to either save or autofill as and when the same page is redirected. Despite the password saver of chrome, the Last pass is highly encrypted.

10. Karamel

Karamel pass is a useful plugin in viewing comments to any videos on YouTube you come across like an open-source extension. It also helps in viewing comments on posts of the video you’re watching on Reddit. Also with the help of a conveniently placed button, you can switch between the Reddit and YouTube comments as and when required and you may upvote or even reply and save the comments on the page which is opened. It also supports both the dark and light themes.

11. Dark Reader

Dark Reader pass is chrome extension and it provides a dark mode for all the websites which helps in taking care of eyes. It is imperative to note that it is recommended to use a dark theme for the night.

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This extension allows you to use night mode by creating dark themes for sites constructing it as an eye-care extension and makes it stress-free to read at night-time. It is highly encrypted and also fully open-source.

12. Go full page: Full page screen capture

Go full page is one of the best chrome extensions for Reddit as it allows you to capture screenshot of the existing page in a reliable manner without requesting any permissions.

It is way simple to take a full-page screenshot just by clicking on the extension icon. To view the screenshotted image just press Alt+Shift+P, by pressing this command you’d be transported to a different tab allowing you to download it as an image or PDF.

13. Volume booster

Volume booster is good plugin for listening to low volume audios. Using this plugin you can increase the Pc’s volume up to 600%.

This is the most notable and most trustworthy Volume Booster Extension Forchrome as with just one click you can change to any tab to play any type of audio.

14. The camelizer

The camelizer is one of the best plugin as it is quite functional when it comes to browsing on the web for historical pricing specifically on Amazon. Click on the Camel extension to see data and get an electronic mail when the value falls.

15. Banana tag

Banana tag is useful in tracking and schedule communications when required. It helps in tracking documents and generating electronic mail templates from within the Gmail. You may check what occurs when you send electronic mail as you’d get notified when your emails are opened by the recipient.

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16. Panic Button

Panic Button lets you save tabs and bookmarks pages that can be useful to you for later tasks with just with a click at once. It helps in saving tabs that are already opened as bookmarks but in another folder. It goes green once it has shifted and displays the sum of tabs that are now hidden. By double-tapping the same extension it avails you with the opportunity of restoring all the tabs that were hidden earlier.

17. Reddit Masstagger

Reddit Masstagger is a good plugin for Redditors as it highpoints latent trolls and right activists on Reddit. In all of the communities, there are more than hundreds of thousands of users actively posting millions of posts. Reddit Masstagger gives you free right to use to the most wide-ranging gathering of bad activists on Reddit.

18. AHA music

AHA Music helps in finding or searching out the name of a song that you are playing already but you feel hard to identify that song online. It is just like Shazam or filters on Snapchat that help you finding out the song or we could it is much better than all the apps. Just click on the extension while playing and you’ll be able to identify the name of that song.

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19. Hoverzoom+

Hoverzoom+ allows you to zoom images or videos no matter what the actual size is, just humbly fly your cursor over the picture and amplify it according to the size of you window.

20. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the top chrome extensions for Reddit and it is used by millions of users across the web as it helps in composing, rephrasing and finding out errors. Grammarly helps in locating the ideal words to communicate by getting recommendations from Grammarly no matter what platform you end up writing on.

In a Nutshell

So, We have round-up the best chrome extensions for Reddit & Web that everyone should definitely try out. These Chrome extensions will sure help you enhance productivity while working and will definitely make experience Smooth. For More Update Stay Tuned to Techbhay .

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