How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to PC Windows 7

Bluetooth is an optimum wireless alternate through which an individual can interface earphones, GPS receiver, speakers, and numerous different gadgets to any ideal gadget (suppose with a PC). An individual can interface its speakers to his/her PC with the help of Bluetooth. In any case, for having this convenience, gadgets must be steady for Bluetooth. To elucidate in a better way, it is an innovation that is likely to be as short-extend remote interchanges to supplant the wired connecting of gadgets, therefore, permitting an individual to have a telephone discussion by means of a headset or utilize a mouse that is wireless and share data from laptops to phones as a matter of fact.

Is it easy to connect Bluetooth Speaker to PC Windows 7?

Be that as it may, Bluetooth is essentially simple to use but one of the intricacies frequently allied with wireless or remote innovation is the know-how of connecting gadgets by Bluetooth.

It might appear to be somewhat confounding to users that have very little knowledge related to Bluetooth as they have gotten familiar with the way toward associating wired gadgets. Earlier people used to connect one finish of a link to one gadget and the opposite end into the reciprocal gadget in the context of a wired connection.

The entirety of this unpredictability goes on with the user as they keep on to hesitating with the innovative world and tend to get help through the others i.e. asking young ones to help them connect their Bluetooth speakers with their laptops, for an instance. But to be honest it is as simple as spreading butter to your bread. Wondering how to connect Bluetooth speaker to pc windows 7? Would this be this easy? The answer to this is yes, absolutely. In any case, so as to associate two Bluetooth gadgets together both of the gadgets need to be discoverable as and when required to complete the process of pairing, that is connecting one device with another.

Just follow these steps to overcome the issue of how to connect Bluetooth speaker to pc windows 7:

Switch on your Speaker and Computer’s Bluetooth:

In the first place, to connect a Bluetooth speaker to PC windows 7, always make sure to enable Bluetooth on your PC and on the other hand on your speaker. Many computers come with an inbuilt function of Bluetooth, however, it does not automatically connect and is enabled manually only. You may likewise have a symbol in the System taskbar at the base right of the screen. By clicking it you may enable or disable it as and when required or else you may find a toggle button on top of the keyboard and by pressing it you may enable it directly.

On the off chance that PC doesn’t have Bluetooth support, you may have to purchase a USB Bluetooth connector and insert it to your PC and then discover and pair it viably.

On some speakers you not need to click anything as by default it comes with an auto discoverable option. Just switch on the speaker or if a Bluetooth button is available on it, press it and you may start seeing pair able options through your computer’s connection meter.

Now ensure Bluetooth is discoverable in both PC and Speaker:

Even when Bluetooth is switched on, both the devices still can’t pair with each other as they can’t see the signals. To connect a Bluetooth speaker to PC windows 7 and enable pairing, both the devices must set to be discoverable.

Click the Start button on window 7 and select Devices and Printers.

 You may pinpoint this on the right side of start menu.

Now right click on Bluetooth and other devices and go to settings.

Click the Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer checkbox in the Bluetooth Settings window, and then click OK.

Your computer is now discoverable and ready to pair to other devices.

On speaker, just hold the Bluetooth button for few seconds and it would ready to get paired.

Initiate Pairing:

After making your computer discoverable next step is to pair with the speakers.

To connect a Bluetooth speaker to PC windows 7, click the Add a device button in the Devices and Printers panel of Windows 7. 

Select the speaker’s name and click next to add device.

If you don’t find the name still then repeat the discoverable process in order to pair it with PC. There might be chances that the duration to discover got over just before pairing.

Your device is paired now connect and enjoy:

To enable the speakers, start discovering the speaker’s name in the connection meter. Now that both the gadgets are paired you will never have to go through this process again and again. Just one-time process it is to pair a device. To save on battery options it is advised to disable Bluetooth when not in use.

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