How to Delete Comments in Word

Microsoft Office Word is a word-processor platform, a typical non-free viable designed by the only Microsoft itself, primarily used for creating documents like articles, letter, time tables,  question & answers, brochures etc. There are many features inclusive of Microsoft Word that are analyzing documents for errors like spelling and grammar. It also has an option for look up for meanings and synonyms as well. It adds up Header, Footer and page number to the document and also protects the word document with passwords. It is also mostly known for its conversion of documents into formats like PowerPoint, PDF, Webpage and XPS document.

What are the ways to remove comments in word document?

There are two ways to expel comments in Microsoft office’s Word that is by either removal of the comments or by resolving them.

Be that as it may, removing of comments in Microsoft Word expels it from the recorded data for eternity. In the event that you have a decision, it’s smarter to determine comments. It permits you to check the comment as wrapped up. This methodology enables the first author to all the more likely track what’s been changed and enables the commentator to perceive how suggested changes were executed. A record of the comment is safeguarded, at the point when the comments are been resolved.

In Microsoft Word 2016 and above have option to resolve comments rest below are limited to only deleting the comments in Microsoft Word.

How to Delete Comments in Word document:

Deleting comments in Word expels the comments from the record. In case you’re utilizing a rendition of Word more seasoned than Word 2016, comments can only be deleted.

Select the comment you need to delete. Click the Review tab in the ribbon at the head of the screen. In the Review tab, click Delete Comment.

In Office 2016 and Microsoft 365, you can likewise right-click a comment as select Delete Comment from the setting menu. More established renditions of Word will just permit erasure from the Review tab. Notwithstanding the strategy, both have a similar capacity.

Comments can likewise be erased in mass. Click the Review tab on the ribbon; at that point click the disclosure triangle close to the Delete symbol. In that menu, select Delete All Comments.

How to delete comments in word online?

Only the person who created the comment can delete it, even if you are the owner of the document. You can resolve it but you can’t delete it. If you created the comment, you can click on the 3 vertical dots at the top right of the comment and select “delete.”

Would it be a good idea for to Delete or Resolve Comments?

On the off chance that you’ve gotten a report with comments from someone else, protect a record of the comments. With that paper trail, you’ll check that all progressions mentioned have been tended to and that you haven’t coincidentally skirted a significant point.

At the point when you’ve offered your own comments for your own motivations, erasing them is likely the better choice. An erased comment basically evaporates. That is best when you’ve altered your perspective on a comment, or you need to change the content point that the comment is tied down to.

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