How to delete Telegram Account?

Telegram is a cloud-based online messaging app that is heavily encrypted the same as the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.  It is one of the popular software among chat services in the whole world. However, there are still many people who know very less about it. It was founded by Mr. Pavel Durov, in Russia.

How to delete Telegram account for real?

Just so you know only deleting the app won’t suffice as the server would still be holding all your chats and data in an encrypted form. Must be wondering now how to delete the Telegram account and leave this platform’s threat issues forever? Follow the below steps to make sure you do it accurately.

  • Apply self-destruction on settings:
  • After a specific time of latency, telegram accounts are forced to self-implode only when self-destruction on telegram settings are applied. To do this:
  • Go on to Telegram app’s settings
  • Choose privacy and security
  •  Scroll down and tap on If Away for
  • Choose one month and you’re good to go.
  • A default period is set to a half year. Implying that on the off chance that you don’t sign in to your Telegram account inside that time, it will be erased and your discussions will be gone for eternity. And obviously you shouldn’t use it in the meantime.
  • Secondly, open up your browser (Google Chrome)
  • Go to the address:
  • Enter your details like a phone number or mail id and click next
  • You will get a verification code on Telegram, type it and press sign in
  • Now click on to delete the account
  • Scroll down and click done
  • Now click yes, delete my account
  • And that’s about it, you’ve successfully deleted your telegram account now.

Why delete telegram account?

There are a number of threats that you might be facing regularly but never knew what’s happening actually with these threats! For instance, the default settings are less secured and are not end to end encrypted leading to put your data at risk. Moreover, the (MTProto) protocol’s algorithm is believed to be vulnerable and still hasn’t been verified. Nevertheless, it’s common to judge that such a platform is not just risky to use but may put you into real cyber danger.

Is telegram safe or not?

Be that as it may, Telegram is rumored to have issues in the context of security and privacy. Telegram tends to operate the same versatility as other chatting services like creating groups sending stickers etc. It was earlier known for its top-notch privacy features as it worked on end to end encryption, but it eventually ended up being less known app as expected in the market. It also offered big file-sharing options as compared to WhatsApp. Yet, the video calling feature again made it stand behind in the line. For most of the population, telegram is believed to be less safe to operate as compared to WhatsApp. This might be the reason behind people tend to operate what’s more trending. People tend to believe less about things that they don’t understand. Also due to the epidemic, the government of Russia banned this software in order to maintain secrecy on rumors on the COVID outbreak. The infidelity of this app led to a breakdown of its vitality. Many people find it now as an insecure application.

Is Telegram banned in India or not?

The telegram was accused of circulating obscene videos and pictures of women and children by the High Court of Kerala. An outbreak of such content illegally, on a rapid scale led the Indian government to ban it on purpose. It later on rumored to be a secret platform for jihadism and forced as a treat to the nation. To be honest it’s totally on your risk if you continue to use Telegram but it is recommended that you use trusted software like WhatsApp at all times. It is better to delete your telegram account rather than putting you and your data at risk.

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