The Umbrella 


 weaves Elliot Page’s journey into its new season

The squabbling siblings of “The Umbrella Academy” return for more superhero antics today, contending with a fresh universal threat and some new family rivals.

The introduction of the slicker Sparrow Academy as well as the transition of character Vanya Hargreeves to Viktor Hargreeves, mirroring the personal life of actor Elliot Page.

Steve Blackman said he worked closely with Page on a storyline after the 35-year-old  known as Ellen Page, said he is a transgender and changed his first name.

“Elliot had called me after the scripts were done and said he was making the transition and I obviously wanted to be very supportive. 

I reached out to (LGBTQ media advocacy group) GLAAD, I reached out to a trans writer that I wanted to be my consultant.

And, together with Elliot, we talked about how we were going to do the story. “As we didn’t want it to become the story of the show.

So we had to find a balance between making that transition at the same time doing it in a way that felt authentic, sensitive, real.”

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