Love & Thunder


Review round-up - this is what the critics are saying

Thor: Love And Thunder hits the big screen this week and a lucky few have already seen the fourth Thor movie.

While we have already had the initial reviews on social media, the full Thor: Love And Thunder reviews are here and, on the whole, it's a hit with the critics.

GamesRadar gives the movie 4 stars and calls Thor: Love And Thunder "Unashamedly absurd, wildly entertaining and face-achingly funny".

The Guardian gives it 3 stars, noting: "Thor still delivers a mighty hammer-blow, or rather axe-blow, of fun."

The Telegraph (paywalled) gives it 4 stars, saying: "The odd mix of mock-heroic and maudlin receives a huge energy boost from the film’s delectable 1980s retro design.

Empire also gives it 4 stars, writing: "Weirder than Ragnarok, but incredibly sincere in its outlook, Taika’s Thor-quel is a big, beautiful blast."

The BBC is with its review stating: "This big-hearted Thor, thundering and sensitive, may be just the diverting hero we need right now."

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