Great American 


Wendy Choo locks up with Tiffany Stratton. Find out  Result of NXT Great American Bash 

Tiffany Stratton Defeats Wendy Choo, Pete Dunne Gets Ready For Next Weeks Weaponized Steel Cage Fight.

A disgusted Stratton belittled Choo the following week, but that did little to dampen her spirits as Choo laughed at getting under Stratton’s skin and promised to see her at Great American Bash.

Stratton would ask for the card back, but get a wrist lock instead. She’d use her athletic skills to get free before falling into a headlock from Choo.

Statton was able to get free before taking a dropkick, before Choo hit a very cosy naptime elbow drop.

Sleeper Hold would be applied, but Stratton would get free. Choo would hit a belly to belly suplex in the process.

But wasn’t able to hit the back handspring elbow. Stratton blocked but broke a nail in the process in blocking.

Before hitting a basement dropkick and twisting Vader Bomb for the very impressive win. And Tiffany Stratton Takes Out Wendy Choo.

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