TWICE’S Nayeon has debut  her first solo mini-album  ‘IM NAYEON’.

TWICE’s Nayeon first mini-album, ‘IM NAYEON’, also features Felix of Stray Kids and rapper Wonstein.

The accompanying music video for ‘POP!’ opens with the K-pop idol signing a stack of her albums for fan.

 The song’s energetic choreography on a variety of different sets. They include a yellow-themed diner, a Broadway-styled stage, the yard of a mansion and more.

The seven-track ‘IM NAYEON’ also feature JYP Entertainment labelmate Felix of Stray Kids on the song ‘No Problem’.

While rapper Wonstein appears on ‘Love Countdown’. Other tracks on ‘IM NAYEON’ include ‘Candyfloss’, ‘Happy Birthday To You’ and ‘노을만 예쁘다’ (loosely translates to ‘Only The Sunset is Pretty’).

Meanwhile, American singer-songwriter Destiny Rogers, who previously helped pen ‘Moonlight’ from TWICE’s 2021 album.

‘Formula of Love: O+T=<3’, is a composer on the song ‘All Or Nothing’, which will feature lyrics by Nayeon.

‘IM NAYEON’ notably marks the first time that a member from the girl group TWICE has officially released solo music.

Although several members of k-pop industry have contributed songs to the soundtracks of K-dramas in recent years.

JYP Entertainment officially announced that as of June 23, her upcoming mini album “IM NAYEON” had surpassed 500,000 stock pre-order.

Marking Nayeon solo album the highest number of stock pre-orders achieved by any female soloist this year.

Check out Nayeon’s latest Song Video for her highly-anticipated solo debut album IM NAYEON’ by Clicking Down Below to Listen.

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